Saturday, 25 October 2014

More than a dog walk, it's therapy!

For the past six years I've been in 
oval therapy.

This involves
wandering around in circles, 
always in a clockwise direction,
around a cricket or footy oval,
with a pack of dogs, and a good friend or two
 putting the world to rights.

There was nothing that we couldn't sort out during our 
oval therapy sessions.

When I think back over the years
we've covered some pretty big issues
including this years classics...

'Have you decided whether you're moving to 
Shanghai, Beijing or Kuala Lumpur?'
That was January this year.
We stayed.

or in August

'How's your daughter going in Liberia?'
She left.

Some of the more trickier discussions took 
up more than one morning in the park.
Ebola for instance has been a hot topic 
over many weeks now...

The Crazy Poodle and I 
first visited Rathmines Reserve, Hawthorn East
 as a puppy 
when I needed a safe haven 
for his first off lead adventures.

The park is an easy stop off 
on my way home after the school run.

It quickly became part of our morning routine.
He has now graduated from skittish puppy
to mature older statesman of the park.
We both love it.

He gets to meet all his park friends and
best mates 
Molly, Harvey and Maisie...

 Molly is a black Spoodle 
who makes a good running partner. 
As the dogs played well together, 
the owners got chatting
and so started oval therapy.

Harvey was always popular 
as his owner always had good treats.
This went to a whole new level
When Harvey brought along a new little sister, Maisie
accompanied by home made carrot puppy training biscuits.

As the Crazy Poodle moves into doggy middle age, 
with a proud I know how this works
bum down, nose up 'please can I have a treat' look
my son slips silently into his last weeks at school.
 Last week I did my final school drop off.
Ever, ever, ever...

This is a massive change for all our routines and life.
We will no longer be passing Rathmines Reserve every day.
 We're both going to miss our walks in the park
and the oval therapy sessions!

Anyone know any good recipes for carrot dog biscuits?
We'd better get baking before we attempt 
to make new friends
in a new park! 

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