Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Neighbourhood Watch in our street...

I live in a great street in Melbourne.
It is certainly not the best street in our suburb...
We're down the hill from the posh houses of the Golden mile 
and up from the railway line.

It is good.
We get the runoff from the posh peoples' watering systems
and we're closer to the train station in the morning.

OK let's be honest 
so, we're a long way from the posh houses, 
and live on top of the railway line...
We love our street!

We have a street Christmas party where all the neighbours are invited
and we have a pretty good Neighbourhood Watch thing happening.
We do each others bins, mail and pets when we travel
and the big kids babysit the little kids.

When a house is sold we all turn out to see who is moving in.
When the new people buy and bulldose a house
It's impromptu street party time.
We're are all out there with interest!

It's not that easy buying your perfect dream house in Melbourne.
For a start it's consistently voted one of the world's most liveable cities.
Supply and demand has lead to an over inflated housing market.
The Global Financial Crisis did little to quell the market buoyancy.
Sometimes the only way in to the fancy suburbs
 is to buy a knockdown and build!

We've gathered to mourn the loss of a house in the street,
it's a historic moment.
Neighbours recount stories of previous occupants.
As the house goes down 
we see the garden emerge behind
where the chickens used to escape from their chicken coup
and where the foxes
straight from the railway tracks, used to run amuck.

We are joined by our street family of rainbow lorikeets.
They fly from tree to tree squawking in dismay
wondering what all the commotion is about.

So there we all are.
Neighbourhood Watch all lined up.
Until someone says
'Let's hope they did remove all that asbestos!'
and amidst a cloud of dust
we cheerily wave our goodbyes
to get on with our day.

By the time I return
She's gone.
All that remains of her hundred years of history
is some scrap metal
Propped up against the fence.

The place is eerily quiet
no trains, no birds, no house, no nothing...

Well, all that is about to change.
We are happy a very nice family are building their dream house.
We are fortunate they have chosen to do this
rather than subdivide
like many of the blocks around here.

The building has started
It's going to be huge.
Neighbourhood Watch is chuffed.
Welcome to our street.
We hope you'll be very happy here...

Oh, and whilst I've got you,
do you mind doing the bins, post and dog 
when we're next away?!

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