Friday, 10 October 2014

Orange flowers for all seasons!

Whilst my family in Europe  
are starting to think about winter
we're seeing some delightful signs of summer.

 Mum's UK Harvest Festival flowers at church
First of all we bought quarter finals tickets to 
the 2015 Australian Open. 
Apart from the beach, 
nothing scream summer 
more than the tennis!
... oh, and maybe the cricket!

This week was the start of term four
Our son has five days left at school, ever.
So we have various end of year events
Speech Night and Valedictory Dinner, 
and not to mention his final exams,
then he has three months summer holidays off
before university starts.

This weekend I am running in the Run4Refugees team
at the Melbourne marathon
hopefully my knees hold up for 5 kms!
It is going to be 27 degrees
we're in that summer mode of thinking; 
water, sunscreen, hats...

Aussie spring flowers in our park this week
I have modified this picture to join in 
with the wonderful bloggers at 
Mandarin Orange Monday!

Have a lovely week everyone!

Mandarin Orange Monday - Thanks Lori!

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