Saturday, 11 October 2014

Mr Wren wants (another) racehorse

With the footy Grand Final behind us 
Melbourne turns her attention,
with a nod of a stylish fascinator,
to the start of the Victorian Spring Racing Carnival.

Today was the Thousand Guineas,
one of the big horse races of the season,
but I didn't go.

I am hatless 
and we are horseless!

For the past five years 
 we have enjoyed life at the races as a bit part Owner.
We never had more than a hoof and a tail...

Twelve months ago our horse 
was even entered for the Caulfield Thousand Guineas 
at one point.

What a difference a year makes!
Today are at home watching the race on the television.
The crazy poodle goes bananas
barking at the horses.

He had an unfortunate experience as a youngster
when he disgraced himself with excitement 
originally over a chicken on the run,
but the whole moment turned completely sour when
he realised he also had the attention of twenty elite thoroughbreds...

The crazy poodle has never forgotten,
and neither have we!

This week our current horse was sold.
Little Miss Hussy is off to enjoy life as a brood mare.
We will be keeping a very close eye on her future foals.

So Mr Wren wants another one...
Our trainer wants us to have another one...
but how to pick out the diamond in the rough
that is the question?

When you enter the world of racehorse ownership
you have to consider it an investment in 
the Victorian racing community with no likely returns,
rather like throwing money down the drain.

Or, like buying a lottery ticket.
You hope that you will be leaping up and down 
at the finishing line yelling 'bingo'
Or perhaps something a tad more appropriate...
Hugging and kissing the other owners 
with big smile on your faces 
whilst the TV cameras capture all the excitement.

And we did!

Unfortunately this was not one of her trophies!
Our thoroughbred filly
was a winner - bless her.
We got a taste of being in the winner enclosure.

She won $120,000 AUD in prize money
from two wins, a second and a third.
Until she was retired through injury.
She was sold for double what we paid for her.

We have just received a cheque for our part of her sale
it covers all the expenses incurred in the two years of ownership
plus some extra.

This is extremely lucky.
Mr Wren wants another one...
Wren has a whole shopping list, 
but can't see racehorse on there!

To be continued...

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