Thursday, 2 October 2014

The Costume Collection

Now did you ever imagine when you put on your undies
 this morning that in decades to come
they might be being admired
by four ladies from different parts of the globe?

Me neither!

This was exactly what I found myself doing
recently when I visited the Yarra Park Costume Collection!

The bloomers were from the Great Depression era c 1930
and probably made from an old sheet.
What caught our attention was the delicate hand stitched flower 
and some lace around the legs.

There was a whole lot more knicker 
than you and I would probably wear today!

The undies are part of the personal introduction 
 given to her costume collection by owner Loel Thompson, 
'and not very well made either' she adds.

It's a clever way to grab your attention 
especially as Loel contrasts the sheet knickers with a delicate trousseau
 Every piece in the collection
has a story to tell.
There is a story about the owner, 
the period in history,
and very often a story about 
how these particular garments found themselves in Australia
and then a final one, about how they came to be in Loel's collection.

She has learned to be discerning
...and is often offered wedding dresses galore!

The museum is a hidden gem
It was purpose built and tucked away in an industrial part of Bulleen,
a suburb of Melbourne.
It is open by appointment 
and entry is in exchange for a donation to charity.

Which is how through our School's International Parent group
that I ended up four Australian, Indian, British and Persian friends
admiring fashions through the ages.

The clothes and accessories are staged into decades
with period pieces of furniture to further enhance the story.

We were fascinated by this 1890's china tea cup 
with moustache rest!

Some of the clothes didn't seem so old fashioned to me ...
but I saw my friends looking long and hard.

I look at each of us each brought up with different 
fashions, customs and lifestyles.
We had such contrasts as to what we 
would have considered the height of fashion as we grew up.
Even today, all dressing 'Aussie'
we have kept some respect for the fashions of our heritage
Whether it is a love of bright clothes and silks
or some jewellery that was originally bought overseas.

Maybe it was a Sari or a Middle Eastern veil
I remember longing for a pair of green Hunter wellington boots,
every country British kid would have a pair of wellies!

We had such a lovely morning,
given we were all brought up on many different continents
it was fascinating seeing which clothes resonated with each of us.
Ohh Mary Quant tights - did you have these in India? 

We were so lucky to have had the opportunity
for a private tour of The Costume Collection
Thank you Loel!

The Costume Collection
Yarra Park
39 Greenaway Street 
Open by Appointment 

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