Friday, 29 April 2016

Yea Valley - Upper Goulburn, Victoria

The chances are that if you're visiting Melbourne, you might take a day trip to the beautiful Yarra Valley, but have you been to the stunning Yea Valley?

It would be easy to miss the Yea Valley in Upper Goulburn and indeed we did not set off intending to stop for lunch at Sedona Estate, Murrindindi. But if ever there was a place was calling out to be appreciated by the passing tourist, it is this delightful pocket of Victoria.

Today I can't wait to show you what we found, 
it was one of the most magical moments of my April A to Z Challenge travels.

We're going to the Yea Valley - Yay!

Artisan gourmet platter, Sedona Estate
Just to set the scene Mr. Wren and I have set off Wandering Victoria* for a weekend in the King Valley. The criteria are simple. We needed somewhere we'd never been, and were in search of any towns en-route beginning with any letters of the alphabet needed for my remaining blog posts. I know totally random or what?! 

Luckily my supportive husband is happy to indulge my wanderlust if it means he gets to drive his new red car and it offers some potential for returning home with a bootful of wine. 

Except that, Murrindindi is no good as I have already included M is for Marysville....

Whoah - watch out this brand new car has never been off-piste before!
So it was just a pure 'let's have a look' whim that we decide to turn off from the Melba Highway, onto the dusty, dirt track of Shannons Road. As we drive past the cow paddocks and fields of large round hay bales, against the backdrop of lush, green rolling hills, we knew we were off to somewhere pretty special.

Imagine our delight when there is a pot of gold, or a vineyard with 'Open' sign, at the end of the drive. We have arrived at the impeccably maintained, Sedona Estate and are immediately intrigued by some of the fascinating sculptures on display.

Before long we are welcomed inside and are enjoying a wine tasting session with Winemaker Paul Evans, who appears to have just dropped everything to make us feel welcome. Mr Wren is in seventh heaven, they chatter away as if they have been mates for a long time - they speak the same language. 

Moi, who hardly knows her Shiraz from her Sangiovese, okay, okay, I have no clue, leaves them to it, and pops outside to enjoy the autumn sunshine and admire more of the scenery. Paul's son is riding his bicycle up and down and a Border Collie dog runs back and forth, I can't help thinking what an idyllic spot to bring up children. By the time, Paul's Mother stops and we share our English connections, we feel like we are amongst old friends.

Back inside the wine tasting is complete. Mr Wren is so impressed with the quality of these distinctive wines that we immediately sign up as Sedona Wine Club members. Which means we get to choose a case of wine to take home with us - Yay, Yea!

Over a delicious cheese platter lunch of local products we ponder and choose our first case of wine to take home. 

Let's get some Sangiovese, I say! 
I love the way 'the bouquet of cherry blossom, the palate with all the seduction of a young, high-quality pinot noir red cherries, sit in a silken web...

Ha! I nearly carry it off 
until I am caught reading from the James Halliday 5 star tasting notes.

Another car arrives, packed with those in the know, and our private wine-tasting luncheon at Sedona Estate is over. We leave with the wine bottles carefully loaded in the back of the car to be enjoyed on another day.

What a find, we can't wait for our next case, of course, they will deliver
but where's the fun in that? We'll be back!

Thank you for joining me on my Wander Victoria* April A to Z Challenge 
and for all the encouragement along the way, it means a lot. 
Last day tomorrow with Z!

PS: * Wander Victoria is an initiative of our Victorian State Government to encourage us to explore the charms of regional Victoria. You can find out more on my previous post here.

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