Thursday, 14 April 2016

Little Wandering Wren loves Victoria

We've been Lucky, we've lived in some of the world's Loveliest places:

Like the Cotswold's in England with gorgeous thatched cottages
 and pretty villages, dating back to Roman times...

Or Brussels, Belgium the centre of European culture, 
historic and trendy, beautiful and infuriatingly bureaucratic

 Or Hong Kong with its towering skyscrapers, Chinese culture, 
colonial connections and crazy contradictions

AND then there's Melbourne, Victoria, 
frequently voted the world's most Liveable city.

'You're going to Love Melbourne. It's so you! 
Really multicultural'... 

They say, and I suppose the point is, we've been around a bit!
We've places and countries to compare Victoria to
and it IS a great place to Live!
Ocean beaches, Mornington Peninsula
And so we ended up in the so-called Lucky Country. 'The lucky Country' was a 1964 book by Donald Horne, it has become a nickname for Australia. 

We learn Victoria was named after Queen Victoria, 
who was on the throne when the colony was established. 
Victoria is Australia's most densely populated, 
yet the smallest geographical state, on the Australian mainland.

So gents just bear with me for the L of it...
but Ladies, let's get our Lippy on and off we go!

One of the first things I noticed on moving here, 
was no self-respecting Australian lady goes out without her lipstick on!
I'm sure it's to do with the climate and the greater need to nourish the lips!
Anyway as usual I digress!!

In our State, water is a massive feature
Whether it is some of the awesome rivers 
or the Southern Ocean with its spectacular coastline
The Great Ocean road is a bucket list favourite.

We also have mountains and we have ski-fields.
You can ski in the Alpine National Park along with other winter sports
between June to August.

We even have a Little desert in the west of the state!

We have amazing bush and incredible walks...

I have parrots squawking on the telephone wires out the front and 
protected possums munching their way through my entire garden at the back.
Somehow they are forgiven as they are more exotic to me than 
the crows and squirrels of my childhood.

We have dolphins and seals in our sea around Mornington Peninsula
and fairy penguins at our beaches at Phillip Island
and a whole host of other critters to find.

Depending on where you live it won't be uncommon,  
to find kangaroos on your golf course, koalas in your trees
We do have snakes and some poisonous spiders but so far so good!

We have the choice of many high-quality wine regions, the Mornington Peninsula and Yarra Valley wineries are an easy drive from Melbourne for lunch...

The Cups Estate, Mornington Peninsula
Victoria was named The Garden State because of all the rolling hills and valleys and also because Victorians love their gardens, we have lots of parks and indeed over 30 Botanical Gardens across the State.

Bird and spade, Como House, Melbourne

I hope that you have enjoyed a little insight into our Victorian life.

Today's post is part of my April A to Z challenge Wandering Victoria!

As always, I've loved having you along for the ride
Thank you for your visit.

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