Monday, 7 March 2016

Goodbye Smiling Sally

Dear Sally
I'm sending you some Aussie flowers
and I know you are looking down and smiling.

I've chosen these beautiful and tough plants that adorn many a Melbourne driveways and paths for you today and I know you'd approve of their blue colour. These are the perfect Aussie flowers and I have just realised that I do not have enough of them in my garden. In your honour, I shall plant some for you. They tell me they are low maintenance whilst making a flamboyant statement with their bird attracting flowers - perfect!

Agapanthus: Australian Blue perennial flower

Blue Monday was one of the first memes I joined as Little Wandering Wren and I enjoyed my regular visits. Australia with its rich blue skies offered many opportunities to participate and Sally was always quick to respond with her lovely encouraging comments. Many of my favourite blogs have been found through Blue Monday and I was very sad to read Sally's final post. You can find it here

Ocean beach: Mornington Peninsula, Vic, Australia
Goodbye, Sally.
 I'll leave you with Sally's final words and I say: 
thank you, Sally, and I very much hope I will be able to take you up on your final linky offer!

"I've enjoyed my time with you and I hope to see you in Heaven!"

Smiling Sally
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