Tuesday, 29 March 2016

A to Z challenge reveal

Drumroll - 
Here is my big unveil for my A to Z challenge in April
It is Wander Victoria with Little Wandering Wren!

Now those Aussie's living locally might be thinking 'that sounds familiar' and you'd be right! 
As without so much of a 'please, would you mind if....'
our Victorian State Government have taken the bold, audacious move
of launching a new advertising promotion designed at promoting the wonders of our State
with the headline "Wander Victoria!"

Cheeky or what?!
I mean all they needed to do was to add the words 'Little' and 'Wren' and that's me!

So if you can't beat them, join 'em,
your Little Wren looks forward to taking you on her own little wander 
around my adopted home state of Victoria, Australia.

Whether it is the beach or the bush
 I hope you'll join me for the journey!

See you on Friday when it all kicks off.
More information on the A-Z Challenge can be found here

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