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Digging of worms prohibited!

Five on Friday

It's been a really busy week 
1. I've been busy having lots of coffees and catching up with friends...

That's what my kids think I do all day. 
Sure Melbourne's cafe culture is the best in the world...
so says someone, I forget who, probably it's the City of Melbourne who say that!

There are apparently more cafes than shops in the CBD these days
and I wouldn't certainly wouldn't get very far without my daily 'skinny cappuccino',
but it's not my entire existence, I promise!

2. I've been busy sorting out the new purchase of a dishwasher.
Well, what a palaver that was... 
I went to the library to read the Choice magazine's "best dishwashers"
because they have a nice cafe at the library and why not, 
a girl has to do her research (with a nice coffee)

I decided on my 'best buy' when Mr Wren said he had a $20 discount voucher for
Masters Home Improvement store plus a 5% Trade discount,
which I was impressed with, because Mr Wren ain't normally known for his Tradie skills.
In fact, I have a list of jobs as long as your arm, which proves he must have said some real pork-pies to get that little old card....

Anyway I do the dutiful wifey bit and trog off to Masters 
to find a lady saleswoman singing the praises of a Samsung dishwasher which she owns herself
AND after showing me how the baskets lift and lower, and how there is a cutlery tray,
& telling me it's quiet and washes well, I buy one.
Well way hey, just call be a shallow Wren, but I have always wanted a cutlery tray
(and a fridge with a water dispenser but that's a whole other post!!)

3. I been busy at the gym and going on some massive walks
Just look at this 'tale of two cities' sign we saw when out walking in the woods!
It made me smile, it has never crossed my mind to dig up the worms!

4. I've been busy as a course advisor Mum, as it's the first week back for the kids at University
Yes I know for the rest of the world, you're halfway to breaking up for the academic year.
But we're just gearing up and there's an inevitable reshuffling of classes.

'Mum, I've changed my lectures to Wednesdays..... 
So I can now have Thursday's off!'
'Oh good, but I thought you have Friday off?'
'Yes I do, and Monday, but now I have a long weekend with Thursday to Monday off'
"oh, I see, great!

5. I've been busy with the Crazy Poodle.
It's been hot walking him in our unseasonably warm weather: but happily
we have avoided the snakes.
We treated him to a bath, as he was rather too whiffy for our liking
which he hates and he does wiggle like a worm come to think of it!

He did dry quickly in the heat but please would someone tell Summer,
she was supposed to have left by now!
It's bloomin' boiling here...

Yes, it's been a busy week - how about for you?
Have you dug up any worms?

Joining in with many thanks at Five on Friday


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