Sunday, 13 December 2015

The Christmas countdown...

  'Are we getting an advent calendar?' my 19 year old son asks hopefully?
'Nah, you're too old' I reply!
Then out shopping I couldn't resist, and bought an advent calendar...
Which I presented to my youngest with a Ta-ra!

'Thanks Mum, you're the best!'
Which did make me feel a tad guilty...

The age of innocence...
Because every year we tell the advent calendar story.
The one of many moons ago, when we lived in a far away land 
the land that chocoholics dream about - Belgium.
Where I could have bought some local Godiva chocolates
But no!

They don't call me 'the best' Mother for nothing.
drove to the British shop, Stonemanor in Everberg 
and splashed out many, many francs, it was well before the Euro.
I bought him a Cadbury's Dairy Milk advent calendar.

These ones were special, 
not one single chocolate behind each purple window, but a whole bar.

He's grown a bit since but we still like to tell the tale!
I took my life into my own hands driving home on the November icy roads
carefully avoiding those crazy 'priorite a droit' drivers who could legally
 enter the main roads at breakneck speeds.

On Dec 1st I presented all three children with the advent calendars: Ta-ra!
But by Dec 2nd disappointment kicked in, we had a faulty batch.
One of our daughters was missing her chocolate.

By December 5th the four year old thief 
got too greedy and ate the whole lot of his sisters remaining chocolates.
Resealing the windows so cleverly, 
that had it not been for a careful examination of forensic proportions, 
his crime may have remained uncovered,
well for nineteen years!

'Hang on a mo, is this for the dog?'
'Yes!' I squeaked, so pleased with my gotcha moment!

Now the Crazy Poodle, unlike my four year old son
took a while to master the delights of his advent calendar.
He was a bit suspicious of the whole yoghurt drop a day
what sort of silly outfit will I have to wear now palava?

Love this photo - that tongue is on the box!
But I am happy to say that the Crazy Poodle 
has now embraced the whole Christmas countdown advent calendar  
what ever will they think of next thingy,
 with such gusto, that December 26th 
is going to be a very sad day in his doggy world!

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