Monday, 14 December 2015

My Mumsy Street Art!

Go Banksy go!

The rebel in me has always had a soft spot for street art.

It's the wild creative that appeals.

Speaking the honest truth with a spray can.

Nicholson Street, Footscray, Vic, Australia
It's hard to know how to reply when asked in Bristol, UK this weekend: 
"have you ever used a spray can before?"

'How do you know I'm not a world famous street artist from Australia?'
'Or the real Banksy?' I ask.

Footscray,Vic, Australia Street Art
My absolute hero is Banksy.

I love the dark humour of the Bristol street artist 
whose real identity remains unknown.
 I admire his willingness to tackle head on the issues of the day.

Banksy and Little Wandering Wren: two peas in a pod - ha!

Banksy has the week, depicted Steve Jobs, Apple founder 
and Syrian migrant, on a wall of a migrant and refugee camp in France.
Further along the wall are the words 'no-one deserves to live this way'

Having worked with Refugees and Asylum Seekers for the past three years
this gets my attention, and happily makes big world news.

So I find myself in Banksy's home town of Bristol, UK
on the weekend, spray can in hand...

I'm not sure this Mumsy can quite carry off the hip street artist in disguise?

Maybe it was the faint look of relief
when told 'we have rubber gloves if you need?' which gave it away.
Of course I declined and 
now have a hint of red paint on my coat to prove the error of that decision.

Banksy's distinctive stencilling technique means that any old Mumsy
can try her hand at his "quality vandal" art work.

Here at the WheretheWall Calendar club in Cabot Circus
home of the 12 Artists in 12 Weeks (plus Wren!) Street Art exhibition
I enjoy creating my first Mumsy!

Mumsy at work, Bristol, uk
Are you ready for the big unveiling?

Here she is Girl with Balloon
By Mumsy with love!

An original Mumsy: Balloon Girl

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