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Blogging on high!

Goosie, Goosie Gander where shall I wander....

Here I am in seat 27G 
which is waaaaaaay too far back in the airplane for me, 
but guess what, I'm very happy here!

Christmas flags at Richmond Station, 2015
I'm on my way to Abu Dhabi, then London.
And whoo hoo, I'm on Wifi thanks to Ethiad Airlines.
It's my first blog written
 cruising at an altitude of 34,000 feet 
and travelling at a ground speed of 927 km per hour, 
and I think that's pretty cool.

In fact it's very, very cool
the outside temperature is -39.0 celsius - ho ho ho...

Australian Eucalyptus in full flower
So I am returning the UK
for a quick visit and sadly a family funeral.
If it wasn't under such circumstances 
I'd be happy to have achieved what every woman really wants 
at this time of year: two weeks away and just 'beam me up Scotty.'
I'm back on December 22nd when everything's done.
Prepared and ready.

Christmas - it's exhausting just thinking about it!
Our Aussie Christmas is really casual.
We don't really do presents.
I always work on the basis 'I'd rather do, than have'
So we're all getting or giving a charity donation to help those
suffering at the hands of the sex slave industry on the Thai - Burmese border :)

Australian natives in Spring
I knew you'd be impressed!

Look it might seem a tad random to you, and my 19 year old son
who will no doubt open up his card with a 'whaaat the ....'? 
But we met some remarkable Sisters doing some great work at a charity fundraising dinner the other night at a posh golf course in Melbourne.

Well the Nun's were visiting, just there to tell their story really, 
they were not really into the golf, 
and it was either donate direct, or bid on the silent auction 
for various items that we didn't need like a Porsche pedal car...

Barwon Heads Golf Club, Victoria another posh golf club
So we've made a contribution on behalf of everyone.
Well not everyone, everyone.
Everyone in our family.

Yes I know it's different from our usual gift aid of 
a well in Cambodia, or a toilet in India AND
just so I don't get any complaints about my 
over the top 'Save the World' approach to presents, 
we're also helping out the Myanmar tourist industry BIG time
with a holiday to explore the sights in February as the another present for each other.  Get the link? Good huh!
Presents done. Tick. 

Crazy Poodle at Rye beach last Christmas. 
We don't do decorations, we're at the beach.
Who can be faffed taking a whole load of Santas and Chrissy decorations 
to the beach for a week?
A few seashells on the table and we're good to go.

Gone Surfing Aussie Christmas tree decorations
 We don't make a lot of fuss over food either
Or so I thought...
You see you either go traditional 
which is the full turkey, Christmas pud and the works, 
or you go Aussie. 
Which is generally fish and toss a few prawns on the barbie
add in a pavlova meringue with cream with fruit on top for pudding
and happy days.

Coffee at the Boathouse, Manly, Sydney
Mr Wren says 'don't worry about the food' leave it to him. 
Which was great. 
Until he started talking about wanting a goose!

'A goose, we can't have a goose, no one has a goose!
What sort of a Christmas do you call that?'
Out comes my inner control freak.
Gone are the thoughts
 'Isn't it wonderful, the family are organising Christmas?’

Santa at the Melbourne Star
Anyway all that was 8000 km’s behind me
Oh look we're now over Bengaluru
That's exciting!
I wonder if they're having goose for Christmas lunch in Bangaluru?!

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