Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Just Brussels sprouts and that's no lie!

[Warning the post below may contain language that could offend :) ]

I'm in all sorts of trouble, and all because of my Brussels sprouts joke.
Now in the festive season, Brussels sprouts are everywhere
Oh the memories, the horror... the shame!

In my defence, I’d like to put it out there,
 I’m not a hater, nor prejudiced against these little green edible buds.
 I'm a Brussels sprout lover!
There I've said it now!

Wow! It appears, you either love 'em or hate them don't you?

So when you find a restaurant that makes Brussels sprouts into a dish that everyone likes, 
you want to tell the world about it - right?

And I did. 
I wrote a Trip Advisor review for The Good Table restaurant 
in Castlemaine, Vic in Australia 
saying how fabulous their Brussels sprouts were.
I thought they'd be chuffed, 
but they never got to read my report, as the Trip Advisor computer said 'No!'

It was probably my fault as I had Brussels sprouts in the headline.
Yep, daft I know, but I had no idea the world was so anti-Brussels.

It's a shame really in today's day and age 
that we can't all live peacefully together, 
those that love Brussels sprouts, and those that don't...
I don't see any need for e-mails containing hate speech or personal insults. 

Look, I know the Brits have a love hate relationship with Brussels sprouts.
On one hand, no self respecting Christmas lunch would be the same without sprouts, on the other hand, are those who can't wait to say Brussels be gone!
Lurking, waiting with bated breadth for the 'set us free' referendum 
that David Cameron, PM has offered.

Here's my disclaimer I am rather Pro Brussels, all it's forms
politically and vegetarian'ally...

We go back a long way.
We lived in this glorious city for 8 years, my son was born there.
Of course we love the bleeding Brussels sprouts!

Look I expect it's the same for the French with fries, 
or the Turkish with their delight, 
Doesn't everyone adore their food name sakes?!

Well, I had no idea how strong the opposition was, 
I guess haters are gonna hate, but to ban my review on the basis of:

objectionable language or images (Sorry about the "Bleeding")
Obscenity or vulgarity
Racial/ethnic slurs
Hate speech or prejudiced comments
Personal insults
Hostile comments and threatening language...

I only said Brussels Sprouts...

I mean I do think it's a bit rich to have such a strong reaction to

Sauteed Brussels SproutsGarlicFennel SeedFettaCroutons ...

But this is what I my offensive title (writing it small so as not to offend!)
'The BEST Brussels Sprouts in the World and that's no BS!'

And this is what Trip Advisor sent:

'All the standard curse words are banned (you know what they are), and we will remove reviews and posts that contain clever (or not clever) misspellings of curse words intended to circumvent our content filters as well as acronyms for inappropriate phrases'.

Well you can imagine I turned colder than my freezer.
I like to push the envelope, but what ???? 

 I did think it was a funny title,
Hopefully the Trip Advisor team had me down as one of the clever ones...
and that the TA office had a giggle before they went 'nope!' Send!
Me and my acronyms, they always get me into such deep water.

I had almost forgotten about my sprout saga
I was invited to redo my review but never did. 
I took a deep breath, moved on. 
However at this time of year,
 the sight of these little green festive bundles of Christmas joy 
brings it all back!
Do you like Brussels sprouts ???

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