Sunday, 21 August 2016

Donut worry be happy!

My son was going into hospital to have surgery this week
and so I bought him and his sister doughnuts
as a pre-hospital 'do-nut worry, be happy' treat.

I mean they usually say the hole is the best bit 
because it has zero calories...  Oh well!

There is a doughnut craze sweeping Melbourne, voted worlds most liveable city 
for the sixth time consecutive year this week. I reckon it's our doughnuts that have clinched it!

I'm not usually nuts for doughnuts, but these were rather special don't you think?

Gone are the day of the old school jam filled doughnut,
these days a doughnut can be anything but plain
Gourmet is certainly in!

It was pretty hard to choose, the selection at White Mojo is awesome,  
but eventually, I chose a chocolate one for my son and a pink one for my daughter.
Or so I thought.

Little Miss Wren gets home first and eats the brown one
she later tells me it was sexist to buy her a pink one!
There were no complaints from Little Mr Wren 
but then he never got to see the chocolate one!

Which one would you have chosen?
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