Monday, 29 August 2016

Our Beautiful World!

It's such a beautiful time of year.
Take a look at this tree out the front of our house
It's bare leaves, standing stark against the blue sky
Just waiting to burst forth into spring!

Out in the back garden, it's anything but bare
Things have gone bananas!
Actually, the growth makes me smile. 
It seems so immediate, so free, so easy in the garden.
It's almost a pain, it needs tending and care.

Warning - deep and meaningful alert...

You see my day job is all about growth.
My work with people seeking asylum is all about personal growth.
The challenges of that when you may not have work or study rights,
when you have fled unimaginable horrors,
when you have left behind family and friends...
I see such immense courage, resilience, strength.

Just look what's appeared in my jungle!
Aren't these Arum Lillies beautiful?
Peaceful, calm and strong.

I'm working long hours. 
The work feels never ending, but so, so rewarding.
I love this quote, it sums life up perfectly.
'The secret to growth is helping others to grow' Julian Hall

I'm growing alright, and it's beautiful.

Just like these Australian native flowers that I treated myself to.
I took them out into the garden, to show their true colours.

I can't get that Cyndi Lauper song out of my head:
'I see your true colours shining through...'

PS I'm a little behind with all things blogging-wise at the mo, 
and now you know why! I will try and visit when I can :)

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