Saturday, 30 August 2014

Wonderful weekend weather for the garden

If you are visiting Melbourne today
you'd be impressed with our Aussie winter.
It is the most perfect spring-like day out there  
with summer about to burst forth!

We have been enjoying the sunshine and brunch at Acorn Nursery
 admiring the garden and plants for sale.
Here are some of my favourites:

This protea is called Possum Magic
Proteas do well in Melbourne
being a hardy, dry tolerant plant requiring little food 
or water once established.

I liked this camellia because it was called "Volunteer."
Since having kids I have spent the past twenty years volunteering.
I thought it was a clever name and would be a perfect gift 
for one of my volunteers!

I have chosen this Magnolia Vulcan because
it shows the earlier hail damage and a reminder 
that not long ago we thought our Melbourne winter would never end!
I like the way the lavender is just peeping 
through the missing petal.

When I think of winter I think of cyclamen's in Australia
They just love the cold!
They do well indoors or even outdoors in our climate
and flower for months on end!

How pretty are these Fairy Primulas?
They looked like they too coped a lashing from our last hail storm
Hopefully all that is behind us now...

Although Melbourne weather can be fickle,
just when you think Spring has well and truly arrived
Winter comes back!

Hope you are having a bright and sunny weekend 
where ever you are reading this!

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