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For all the tea in China

 Mum’s Youth Hostel is open again

Never a dull moment!

This week we've had two teachers from China 
move in for a couple of weeks.
They arrive bearing a wonderful gift of Chinese tea.
I can already tell we’re going to have a great time…

For a start they are fluent English speakers 
which always makes things easier for a good natter.
I love exchanging information about our lives.
With our previous students I often have to resort to 
my not-so-fine acting skills...

Secondly these ladies are here with 
sixteen of their hospitality students,
not staying in our house, in case you were wondering.
There is a limit to my hospitality!

But before we know it 
they are offering to help left, right and centre.
This is a massive bingo moment, 
I do not expect our Home Stay guests to help in any way,
but I sure appreciate the offer.

They tell me they teach hotel management 
Holy Moly
Do you think they will notice 
that I didn’t iron the bottom sheet on the beds?

Answer: If they did, they won't say anything.
They are waaaay too polite.

They are an absolute delight to have in the house...
Could they have a mop 
as they have a little water from the shower on the bathroom floor?
Can they do the washing up?
I love them already!

They are impressed with my husband who before dinner
emerges with a humungous pile of shirts from the laundry
to do his weekly ironing.
'He’s just showing off' I say. 
I'm wondering why we need to have the entire
contents of the laundry scattered all over the family room.
The very same room 
that I have spent the entire week tidying up?!

We have a good laugh as I ask them 
whether they iron for their husbands?
Apparently the answer is Yes!
I have never ironed for any man’
I say proudly 
That’s a man’s job’!

In Australia all men do their own ironing?’ 
they ask incredulously.
I can tell they are already impressed with Aussie life...

Now how to answer this one? 
DH replies he would like me to do his ironing 
but I am really bad at ironing shirts!
Talk about having our dirty washing out in public…

I tell them years ago 
I perfected the technique of being really bad at ironing, 
it’s a great skill to have!
They smile politely...

On the first day they return home with profiteroles 
their students have made at school that day.
I’m impressed and worried. 
Do you remember the Japanese Food blogger 
I had staying with me last year? 
The pressure to serve up every meal 
ready to be showcased to the world 
on a food blog nearly killed me! 
We lived off baked beans for weeks after they left…

'Do you teach cooking?' I ask
Thankfully the answer is No!
Although anyone who has Chinese Facebook friends 
will know 98% of their Facebook posts are food photos. 
I can’t entirely relax!

I’m rather pleased that I have chosen to serve up 
a three bird roast in honour of their arrival.
After the first course our delightful guests offer to do the washing up!
'No need' I say 'we have a machine'
At the same time DH
 reaches forward to collect their plates...

They smile, incredibly impressed. 
First ironing, now washing up... 
He has gone from ironing hero, 
to mega dishwashing machine hero.

'In Australia all men are washing up machines?' they ask
If you're lucky I reply!

Tea anyone?

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