Monday, 4 August 2014

Welcome to my Winter

There is never a dull moment here!

Last week was spent ducking and diving from:
 * Flu * Glandular Fever (mono) * Ebola...

 Here is the post for those who missed all the excitement...

We are now over the flu, recovering from Glandular Fever
and a flight out of West Africa has been booked!
Phew! I'm looking forward to this week ahead,
I hear it is going to be just perfect!

Shop board in Mansfield
But before we head off to find the perfection
I have to de-ice the windscreen.
Now that's not something I get to do very often,
even in the middle of a Melbourne winter.
Here is the original of the black and white photo 
I posted yesterday for Silent Sunday

Ice on the windscreen in Melbourne, that's unusual!
Yesterday I drove my friend and her now flu-free daughter 
 back to her boarding school, 
three hours drive out of Melbourne.

After a terrible full-on winter week
which included torrential rain, winds and hail in Melbourne
we were happy to see blue skies and only a smidgen of mist around.

Mist in the valley outside Yea!
As we got closer to Mount Buller
our closest ski resort to Melbourne
we could see the snow on the top of the mountains.
They say it is the best ski season there for thirty-three years.
My photo wasn't the best, so I added some artwork.

Sun capped Mt Buller, Victoria  Sunday 3rd August 2014
Mansfield the nearest town was buzzing with anticipation
of an epic day on the slopes!
Such a shame we were not here to ski also!

Wishing all my friends in the blogosphere a week of perfection.
Thank you for all the lovely comments and e-mails last week.
Much appreciated!

Linking with Blue Monday - thank you Sally!

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