Friday, 10 April 2015

My Melbourne madhouse continued...

Five on Friday: 

My week in a nutshell!

1. I'm counting down to my 11 weeks in Europe, and it's frantic. 
I haven't exactly lost the plot yet and taken all my clothes off 
to meditate towards the ocean
 but ....

Easter walk at Somers beach, Mornington Peninsula
2. We did have a much talked about Family night at a burlesque show at Easter
which our (adult) kids warned us was going to be 
'all naked women and nipple tassels...'
"Don't be silly" I said, 
"It's Spiegelious! 
They've hired a Belgium Spiegeltent, 
it's a classy show 
it's like Cirque du Soleil just in our seaside town.

I was right it was classy. 
The girls had nude coloured undies 
and lots of gold and sparkling diamonds...

Ha! We all had a great night but... 
Spegelicious tent, Sorrento, Mornington Peninsula
3. Eighteen year old Son perhaps still traumatised from 2 above, 
well, the bit about going with his parents... 
wasn't concentrating at Soccer training, 
or went in for a brilliant tackle, which ever way you look at it, 
and has broken his ankle...
Do you like his natty footwear?

Stepping out in Melbourne
4. In preparation for my big trip,
we did a gigantic Costco shop.
  I bought a mammoth supply of loo roll. 
Well I don't want the family to be caught short whilst I'm away... 

It was a only a little bit hard to carry into the house,
 with crutches, and still learning to be less wobbly in a moon boot. 

No, of course I'm not leaving any food or anything else. 
They've got to miss me you know, 
and find it hard... 
Haven't they?

Returning from Costco@!
5. Various trips to the Melbourne Comedy Festival
have brightened the week,
 Well you have to laugh don't you?

Moon over Southbank Melbourne

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