Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Melbourne's Autumn glory.

Autumn has arrived in Melbourne
with her "where are my slippers?" chilly nights,
but with glorious golden "pass me my sunnies*" days.

Our local streets are resplendent at the moment,
our tree lined streets
adorned with a myriad of colours.

Soon the branches will be bare...

Autumn Streets in Camberwell, Vic

Our Council sweeps our streets monthly,
but from April 20th some streets qualify for the extra
Heavy Leaf-Fall sweeping program.

The Council requests that we keep vehicles off the street
on designated sweeping days.
The sweeper truck whooshes along clearing
and washing away all the leaves.
Crazy Poodle champion leaf catcher.
Our home street, despite its many trees
is not one such street.
No special extra street sweeping for us...

But not to worry!
We've got the Crazy Poodle.
His coat is like velcro to the leaves...

A quick scamper down the street,
he stops for a wee at every tree anyway...
and by the end of the road, he's accumulated 
more leaves than any heavy leaf-fall sweeping program!

He's knackered by the end of it all.
It's a tough gig working as an unpaid employee
of the Council...

* Sunnies - sunglasses

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