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Gippsland Roadtrip - Part two!

We're all going on a Summer holiday!
No more working for a week or two...

The Australian summer school holiday period stretches 
from late December until the end of January. 
With endless days to fill, many families head off to the water. 

I have previously posted about our Gippsland roadtrip 

Here are some of my remaining and favourite blue photo's from our recent trip!

Blue shell and coral at Woodside Beach, Gippsland
Lakes Entrance is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the region offering the choice of the calm waters of the Gippsland Lakes, or the thrill of the surf, being on the edge of Ninety Mile Beach on the Southern Ocean...

The building below is the surf life saving Club at Lakes Entrance with it's tempting blue ice-cream flags outside and inviting bright blue benches.

Surf board seat outside Lakes Entrance Surf Lifesaving Club.
There are plenty of opportunities to go boating and fishing in Gippsland, but if you prefer your fish already filleted you will be spoilt for choice for seafood restaurants and fish and chip shops. 

I liked the blue sky peeping through the clouds behind the Lakes Entrance fish - just enough blue to make a sailor a pair of trousers...!

Fish at Lakes Entrance
Further afield is Mallacoota which they say is one of Gippsland's great escapes, surrounded by the magnificent wilderness of the Croajingolong National Park and set on the beautiful Mallacoota Inlet.

It is very pretty but it was the mural at the Visitor Information Shed which caught our attention.

Painted mural at Mallacoota Visitors Information Centre
We certainly enjoyed our walks in the myriad of National Parks in the region. These trees were rather striking lining the road on the way to the Tarra Bulga National Park, their silver trunks silhouetted against the bright blue summer sky.

Striking tree trunks line the road Tarra Bulga National Park
Gippsland's charm lies also in exploring the quaint towns in the region, where time often seems to have stood still... The blue Australian flag proudly fluttering in the main street of many towns we visited.

Aussie flag in Loch
We like exploring the back roads and little towns, in Loch we spot this old blue bus which looked in perfect condition and like it was still being used!

Blue bus - Loch
Some of the roads are unsealed gravel tracks. By the time we have finished our roadtrip we have covered 1500 kms and given my learner driver son, twenty two hours of driving experience behind the wheel!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing some more of our beautiful Gippsland region in Victoria. You may also enjoy the following posts:

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