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New arrival

DAY TWO - Jodphur to Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

Big news of the day - my bag finally arrived at 7am, 50 hours after I had, and in just in time to join it's other new bag-friends on the roof of the car for our 6 hour road trip to Jaisalmer.

On the way, our driver Singh announced we were 2 km 's away from his village and we asked if we could pay a visit. We turned off the main road, full of pot holes for a couple of kilometers down a dirt track tunnel surrounded by high crops. Singh's house had two bedrooms downstairs, a store room and a kitchen facing a dirt courtyard.

Each room had a concrete floor, scored to make out a tile design with different colours, giving the effect of the tiles. Behind the house was an immaculate squat toilet and a room upstairs which was Singh's and his wife's.

Within moments of our arrival tea was produced and Singh's Father, Uncle and friends appeared to welcome us. We shared French chocolates and sat on outdoor beds sharing photographs of our families with our cameras and iPads.

Our car at Singh's house

Sharing photographs and family stories

Singh's mother welcomes us at her house

We stopped off for what turned out to be a dodgy lunch but which was a welcome break from the car at the time. As we get closer to Jaisalmer and the Pakistan border, just 40 km's away, we notice the standard of the roads get better. Despite the promise to open an airport at the city, the only way in for tourists remains to drive.

Arriving at the Mandir Palace hotel, Jaisalmer
We are happy with the choice of heritage hotel in Jaisalmer, our medieval rooms are quirky, each one different but with all mod cons, AC & WiFi. We are here to explore the 9th century Fort, the desert sand dunes and the intricate stone carvings of the beautiful buildings.

We are taken up to Sunset point to view the city, it is packed with tourists so we watch the sunset and quickly leave back to the calm of our hotel.

Little Wandering Wren

Location:Jodphur to Jaisalmer, INDIA

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