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The great British Sunday roast

There can be no better way to enjoy a leisurely Sunday, than down the pub for lunch, a quick stroll to explore the village, and back in front of the fire curled up with The Sunday Times....Yes, the great British sunday roast is the best meal of the week (especially when someone else is doing the cooking and washing-up!)
Today we are in Shrivenham a large village with a rich history in the Vale of the White Horse in Oxfordshire.
The village has a choice of historic pubs; The Barrington Arms, The Prince of Wales, The Fat Dog and where we have our booking The Crown....

The Prince of Wales, Shrivenham

The Barrington Arms Hotel, Shrivenham

The Crown, 11 High street, Shrivenham
The pub or Public House has been at the cornerstone of British social culture for over two centuries, three quarters of the adult population will go to pubs, a third of them regularly... Each pub will offer a variety of beers or ales - our beers came from the local White Horse brewery, we liked the Village Idiot!

It is thought the Sunday roast originated in Yorkshire during the Industrial revolution when families would put a joint of meat in the oven to cook whilst at Church. After weeks of being vegetarian in India, I can't resist Roast Beef with Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, steamed veggies and horseradish sauce.
It seems the traditional Sunday roast remains as popular as ever and the Crown is packed but everyone is very friendly and the food arrives promptly and is delicious. The two course Sunday roast is £13.95.

No great Sunday lunch would be complete without pudding. There was a choice of two: apple crumble or sponge pudding both with custard. I can tell you both were great!!

After a massive lunch we needed a stroll around the village to work it off! Shrivenham has some interesting buildings, from it's numerous quaint thatched cottages...

to elegant in the High Street... ancient pump which reminds me how lucky we are to have fresh, clean water from every tap in the house compared with the villagers in Kabini, India

The massively impressive Memorial Hall built in 1920.....

....the young girl trotting past on her pony took me back many years to when I used to do the same each Sunday on my Pony.....

Now, pass the paper please ........Zzzzzzzzzz
Little Wandering Wren

Location:Shrivenham, Oxfordshire, UK

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