Saturday, 25 June 2016

When one door shuts...

You know what they say

1. When one door shuts, another one opens...

We are currently in Madrid, three generations my Mother, Father, Brother and I
Here to meet my son just about to start a seven-week European adventure with his mates. 

Ornate Madrid city doorway.
2. We like what we see in Madrid, stylish, friendly, welcoming.

The big Refugees Welcome sign is a good start
as I begin to think of my impending return to Australia.
Whilst I have been away, I am excited to have accepted a new job working with refugees. It's going to be full on, 
but I am happy to be playing a very small part in making a world of difference 
for people seeking asylum.

Refugees Welcome" Madrid
3. Today is my Fathers birthday. We are all very happy to be celebrating it at the amazing Only You Boutique Hotel in Madrid. It has been a big day in Europe since the Brexit vote was announced as leave. We tell him that there is a move ahead to declare his birthday June 24th Independence Day and make it a national holiday.

Only You Boutique Hotel, Madrid
4. It has been hot since we've been in Madrid. Aussie hot. This heat is nothing compared to the political heat coming from Britain and the rest of Europe. We lived in Brussels for eight years, my son was born there. I have a strong affinity with Europe and whilst personally I feel sad that Britain has voted leave, it has been a fascinating time to be back here.

I like the way things are portrayed on Twitter by #veryBritishproblems:

...."Well thank God that's over"

...."It didn't quite go as planned"
Translation: I may have caused irreversible damage on a monumental scale.

...."We're going to need a bigger kettle..."

Madrid Buildings - hot, hot, hot.
5. Keep Calm and Carry on... travelling whilst my British passport still allows me open border travel in Europe. We have really enjoyed Madrid. It is the first time I have been to the city. We have taken the 'hop on hop off' tourist bus to see the sights, an easy way to get around.

It's a beautiful world out there...

Royal Palace of Madrid.

I hope you have enjoyed a little taste of Madrid, bye for now!
Happy weekend to you all.
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