Monday, 13 June 2016

My Sunday Photo - Queen's Birthday celebrations

Today is some body's birthday
Whose birthday?
Her Maj's birthday.

... well it is not actually her birthday, but when you are the Queen of England and ninety years old you can have as many birthdays as you want. Interestingly enough if HRH had been living in Australia she would have enjoyed a public holiday on Monday. Yes for some strange reason, Australia enjoys Queen's Birthday weekend and the Brits don't... Ha pretty interesting in a country where there is a growing Republican movement. I'm pretty sure those that want to move Australia from a constitutional Monarchy, haven't thought through all the implications - we all love our Queens Birthday weekend holiday!

I'm currently in England and keen to see the village celebrations. They had a bit of a 'do'. There was a stage with various choirs and performers. The Women's Institute had a stall with 'guess the weight of the cake' and 'guess the volume of wine.' Whoo hoo I'd be tempted to join the WI they appeared to have moved with the times, they are not all chutneys and marmalade these days you know. We're waiting for the knock on the door and a lady in an apron, with a union jack bowler hat, delivering a socking great big fruit cake and a serious amount of wine!

I took this photo today of the village beer tent with flags... it could almost have been taken ninety years ago, what do you think? What do you see that has changed in the last ninety years?

Hope all my Aussie friends have a lovely holiday tomorrow!

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