Sunday, 26 June 2016

What the duck?

Following on from yesterday's post I thought we needed some light relief, 
change of pace, to slow down and admire the simple things in life.

So whilst there have been quite a few 'What the ... Duck' expressions heard here in the 
not-so-United Kingdom at yesterday's Brexit referendum result, I thought I would bring you the Great British duck (or even an Egyptian Goose - thanks Margaret!) and her ducklings!

Is there anything more gorgeous and more Summer than ducks on a duck pond with their babies?
I was trying to think what is it about ducks that we all love?
No! Don't you dare think about pancakes and hoisin sauce... 

I decided that for me it is the childhood memories both for me personally, but also with my children feeding the ducks. 

That was until we were told how dangerous it is for the poor ducks feeding them bread... Oh gosh, to think we were silently causing a whole generation of ducks problems...

Even if we were feeding them flour, like in Oxford?

Flour, champagne and party poppers are part of the traditional end of exams celebrations at Oxford University. When we visited Oxford recently the ducks were enjoying the remnants of the trashing tradition. 

God bless their little tummies!

Now for a little duck chuckle. This bird was spotted whilst on a walk in Richmond. Now you are going to get the full duck Monty next, so click away if you're not up for it. 

Hold on tight here we go!

Hopefully, I got away with that in the name of art 
and in the spirit of putting a smile on your dial! 

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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