Friday, 24 July 2015


I know, I know you, thought I was in Europe, 
or at least heading back to Australia...?
I was, I did, 
and now I'm on a tropical island in the South Pacific!

You see after three months catching up with family and friends in Europe
I got back to an Aussie winter, and a particularly cold one at that,
to find that Mr Wren and my son, were in desperate need of a holiday
and had booked a week in Vanuatu, including me!

So here I am enjoying a relaxing holiday on Vanuatu, 
an archipelago of 83 islands.
 We're on Efate, only 2-3 hours flying time 
from Australia and New Zealand.

Where the toughest decision you'll make all day is 
whether it's the hammock or the sun loungers ?!

Here the people are the friendliest, happiest 
you'll meet anywhere in the world.

The country is delightfully unspoilt, tropical cyclone Pam aside,
with a delightful fusion of traditional Melanesian culture and 
French and British colonial heritage.

I can't wait to show you around in the next few days
but must dash, got things to do, places to visit

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