Saturday, 2 May 2015

You know you're a true Brit when...

Five on Friday

It's lovely to be back in the UK.
Twenty-two years ago, we left for three years.
Happily and reassuringly, the important things in life are still the same...

1. Everything starts and finishes with the weather
The weather is still the preferred, polite way
to start any conversation...
'Morning, lovely day'...
or 'Hi ya, chilly today'...
Usually the later! 

I note that England in Spring 
shares the same temperatures this week 
with Melbourne in Autumn, 12ºC  (54ºF)

Clouds over the Vale of the White Horse, Oxfordshire for Skywatch Friday
2. Cuppa and Cake
Discussing the General Election
and whether Kate will have a girl, called Diana
over a cup of tea, poured from a teapot, milk first 
and a slice of Mum's homemade date and walnut cake 
at 4pm, is a not-be-missed event.

3. Food! 
You know when you're a true Brit when... 

...a trip Sainsbury's supermarket holds great excitement.

 ...twenty pence off malt loaf is a big deal, 

... your grin at finding a scotch egg at a funeral looks 
way too happy for the occasion, 

...Walkers salt and vinegar crisps, need I say more?!

You know when you're a true Brit when...
you still prefer Marmite to the Aussie Vegemite!

4. British Humour
You know you're truly home when...

You can say the words 'Murray mints'
and know someone will reply:
'The too good to hurry mints!'
To which you both then say 
'Ha, Ha, Boom, Boom'
knowing that everyone will know you're talking 
Basil Brush!

There is a whole lot of British sayings which 
'I'm not being funny or anything...'
But, I'd forgotten.
'Have you got a minute...?'
and I'll tell you about them

But then other things are different...

5. All our cliches
When I left England's green and pleasant land, 
it was 'to be honest,' well green!

'I can't get my head around it', but,
when did the countryside turn yellow? 

the oilseed rape with it's bright yellow plants,
is making a big impact these days... 

Oilseed rape fields outside Bath, Somerset UK
I hope we're all 'singing from the same hymn sheet' today
Otherwise you won't have a clue what I'm on about.
But 'let's face it', what's new, hey?!

Have a lovely weekend, it's a Bank holiday weekend here
Which means we have Monday off.
Linking with thanks to Skywatch Friday 
and Amy at Five on Friday

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