Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Beautiful Buscot Park - Oxfordshire

I haven't been on the swings with my parents
for ummm...quite a few years!

Here we are enjoying the Spring sunshine at 
Buscot Park in Oxfordshire.

Reliving my youth at Lady Faringdon's swinging garden
The National Trust call Buscot Park 
'one of Oxfordshire's best kept secrets'
and on a Tuesday afternoon it is easy to see why.

We were very happy to have the gardens all to ourselves!

Buscot House built 1780-1783
Just look at this Neo-classical mansion that Lord Faringdon 
and his family look after on behalf of the National Trust.

It's not a bad little pad, 
it's got all mod cons, a whole host of national treasures,
and a pretty blue swimming pool.
 I hope it's heated, otherwise you might need to throw me that life buoy
pretty quickly.

Swimming pool-pavilion and frescoes
Anyway despite lingering on the doorstep
awaiting Lady Faringdon to rush out and welcome us in for afternoon tea
 - didn't she know I'd come all the way from Australia for this? 
 We carried on to explore further ...

The house is open to the public Wednesday - Sunday from April 1st.
Although check the schedule as there are some weekends when 
Milord obviously wants to keep the riff-raff out...
and you will find the gates firmly shut!

In full bloom, spring is a lovely time to visit
The gardens are delightful at this time of year,
we just loved seeing all the apple and cherry blossom in full bloom.

There are even a few souvenirs from trips abroad
We checked out the rather incongruous Chinese warriors.

Life size warriors protect the grounds
Now don't get me wrong, 
your Little Wren has been to Xian, China 
and brought back her own life size warrior,
 we call him Terry as in Terracotta warrior.

The Faringdon's have seventeen in their garden
like you do, when you have 62 acres of parkland and garden to fill.

 They have been painted to protect them from the elements
which is a shame as the original terracotta is much nicer.
These poor chaps look cold and flaky...
But then I can't talk as our Terry lives indoors with us!

Although looking at the size of Buscot House,  
they could probably squeeze them in somewhere...

Anyway moving on, in case I am asked to leave
before showing you the wonderful Harold Peto water garden.

The famous Italianate water gardens
Isn't it wonderful?
Steps lead you down away from the house to the lake.

You'll not be bored at Buscot,
even a dead tree looks spectacular against the pleasure grounds.

Pleasure grounds
Hats off to the gardener who decided to plant to cheery red tulips
looking glorious in their ornate urns.

Red tulips add a splash of colour
At every twist and turn there is something eye catching;
sculptures, murals, ponds...even a whalebone 
and quite possibly the largest obelisk in Britain.
I leave you to work out whether this is wonderful 
or just a huge big, well I'll just use the word obelisk shall I?

The Stable block (for Black & White Wednesday)
Well here we have it, we're nearly back to the start.

I hope you have enjoyed joining me for this little wander around Buscot Park
Where I'm quite sure somethings have not changed for a long time!
Oh gosh, what's this chap up to?
Anyway I think we were just leaving ...

I hope to return to see inside the house.
I hear they do a pretty good afternoon cream tea, 
when the house is open!

Buscot Park, Faringdon, Oxfordshire SN7 8BU.
Telephone: 01367 240786

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