Friday, 11 July 2014

Bangkok Skywatch

Don't you think you look at the sky 
more often when you are on holiday?

Is it that you have more time
or just that skies elsewhere look more interesting?

This week we've been in Thailand
admiring a myriad of different skies...

The day starts of well with blue skies and fluffy white clouds
as we speed along the Chao Phraya river 
without a care in the world...

But later on... 
Take a gander at these storm clouds!
Taken from our Bangkok hotel balcony. 

We know it's the rainy season 
but we're not looking forward to this rain!

The storm passes,
happily moving off without a drop of rain on us.
Thank you Dear Buddha!
We head up to one of the many rooftop bars
for pre dinner drinks...
This is the life!

A sundowner cocktail and a glorious sunset,
go hand in hand on a perfect holiday.
We have the time to stop, linger and admire...

Bangkok has some impressive sunsets
and some rather nice cocktail bars...!

In case you were wondering 
what it's like in Thailand at the moment 
given the military coup
my previous post Beautiful Bangkok covers this.
It's fine!

Linking with Skywatch Friday
where people from all over the world post great photographs 
of the sky in their part of the world. 

Have a great weekend!

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