Saturday, 12 July 2014

Bangkok Critters

Where are all the animals?

I was really surprised on our recent trip to Thailand
to find so few animals on the streets of Bangkok.
In fact, I was in danger of having nothing better 
than a few fish to share with you!

Fishtank at Jim Thompson's House, Bangkok
On our boat tour we threw bread in the murky river 
to find a frenzy of African Cat fish appear from nowhere
But that was a bit tacky...

Cat fish Bangkok, enhanced by Picmonkey!
I went three days with only coming across a large rat,
which would have been ok, 
but it wasn't running in a particularly straight line...
but then neither was I by the end!

A lack of critters was a tad disappointing given the 
Country's promise of exotic animals everywhere.
The day of the elephant 
around town has long gone...

But then I came across these cute kittens
sunbathing under a motorcycle

Have a happy weekend
where ever you are!

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