Saturday, 24 May 2014

Spa Queen of Asia: 'This is the life'

I do like a fabulous spa,
they don't call me the Spa Queen of Asia for nothing!

So when this Crazy Soccer Mum is Bali bound,
 it is exciting to discover that my 'Zen Mum' yoga retreat 
includes several spa treatments.

Just look at the view from my hot spice bath:

View from my bath for Our Beautiful World
A day at a gorgeous spa has been a long, long time coming...

Stunning: our Maya, Ubud spa day
No longer living in affordable Asia, 
such occasions are nowadays reserved either for special treats, 
or a bargain Groupon deal!

Karsa Spa, Ubud
To our delight we find in Bali
 the average cost of a local massage is $10 USD.
In Australia we're talking $70-$100, and that's way out of my budget...

TIP: take your own 
aromatherapy massage oil which will turn an average Balinese baby oil massage into a way better experience. 

Bliss Spa pedicures in the garden
A perfect spa experience starts with a lovely setting.

At Karsa Spa, we enjoy our treatments in the lovely
Balinese bale style rooms amidst the paddy fields.

Reception and Spa rooms at Karsa Spa, Ubud
At Maya, Ubud we walk through the jaw-dropping spectacular resort 
to find an elevator taking us to river level.
Our treatments are to the music of the swirling petanu water.

Maya, Ubud in the lush rainforest setting
There is however one thing I need to work on,
all treatments start the same way...

The clock is ticking, 
your beauty therapist has indicated she'll wait outside 
You have approximately two minutes to undress, hang up your clothes AND wiggle your way into the navy blue paper knickers.

It's the spa version of TV show 'Ready, Steady, Cook!'
The clock counts down.
All three holes in your undies look the same size. 
You have no idea which two holes are for your legs.
Too fast and you rip the paper, 
you end up looking like a half wrapped chicken, 
your therapist looks slightly startled,
 but is a professional and says nothing...

Take too long, and the door springs open
You're caught completely stark naked and you look like a right floozie.
You're like a naked rabbit caught in the headlights.
Your therapist again looks slightly startled,
 but is a professional and says nothing...

Question: Why are all spa undies made for small Asian bottoms?

You leap onto the bed to admire the view on the floor!
Pretty flowers are a must!

View from my massage table
After all the spa treatments
you will be offered some refreshments:

I could so get used to this!

Maya, Ubud refreshments

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