Monday, 12 May 2014

Happy Blue Bali Monday

Dearest Sally
Sorry I’ve not visited for a while...

I'm in Bali on a yoga retreat;
a lovely Christmas and birthday present from my family.

There's plenty to photograph and blog about
as I'm in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

But I’ve been going through a bit of a blue void...

My life spent searching for a massive blue car wash, 
blue monkey, or indeed something, anything blue, 
to give me some credibility amongst the regular Blue Monday’ites. 

Our Beautiful World: Paddy rice terraces in the mountains around Ubud
Imagine my excitement when I’m riding on the back of a scooter, 
on my crazy 'Eat, Pray, Love' adventure, 
to visit a lady who hands me a photo of myself with not a stitch on...
Yes Sally, I hope you're not about to censor me
but you'll see I'm completely buff, naked!
Which ultimately leads to me needing to purchase a blue necklace! 

The only thought in my mind was: 

“Woo Hoo, Blue Monday here I come!" 

Hand painted Buddha from Ubud - thanks to Serina!
Bali is Australia's playground destination, 
it’s our second most popular overseas holiday choice, after New Zealand.
It's close (three hours 3O mins from Perth, five hours 35 mins from Melbourne)
It’s cheap
and it’s a lot of fun…

Well it was, before 2002
 when everything changed in Bali,
202 people, including 88 Australians, 
were killed in the first of two terrorist attacks. 
Tourist numbers plummeted. 

Clouds: Our Beautiful World

Our Australian Government travel advice continues to this day, to remind us to exercise a high degree of caution in Indonesia, including Bali, due to the continued high threat of a terrorist attack. 

I’ve got to be honest, this is the reason that I’ve opted for other destinations in Asia, rather than Bali for our family holidays up till now.

However a change in my fitness timetable back last October, meant I attended a new Yoga class where the teacher offered a weeks yoga retreat in Bali, and here I am… 
Living on the wild side!

‘Now whatever you do, never ever, ever ride a scooter in Bali’
 I warn my teenage kids, 
‘Oh, and don’t go anywhere near the Monkey Forest’, I add.
So that’s me, 
Miss Worrywart for my kids, 
but that’s rabies and road traffic accidents covered. 

I’m the sort of painful, over protective Mum, 
my family hate to travel with me, 
they get impatient as I wave on endless taxis 
searching for a safe car with seats belts 
(well I did in New York a few weeks ago... 
How can taxi's can be licensed without seat belts for everyone???
That would never happen in Australia!)

Ok time for some zen yoga deep breaths...
Perhaps two blue Buddhas can help?!

So totally out of character, 
I have booked an appointment for a
Bio Dynamic Energy Analysis.

We are meeting at the popular vegan Cafe, Alchemy in Ubud 
and before I know it I'm on the back of a scooter, 
riding off into the sunset with a stranger.
Well, in my dreams.

In reality, I'm sitting on the back of a scooter, 
wearing a brown flowery dress, not the best for scooter riding
clutching the purple leather handbag my Mum and Dad gave me 
as a 50th Birthday present. 
I should know better at my age...

AND as I'm not sure where's appropriate to put my hands
possibly not round the lady I've only just met,
 I'm not hanging onto anything, 
but I'm gripping on for dear life with just my knees
hoping and praying that we're not going to pass anyone from my yoga class
as this will take some explaining...

When we reach our destination, 
I open my eyes again and wobble off the scooter.
I'm alive!

I place my shaking hand on a sophisticated hand sensor, linked to a computer and a printer, which measures the energy in my body.
the screen lights up with a mass of rainbow of colours
I seem to have a lot of flashing colours.

I am handed a print out and we begin to talk about what this means...

the photo
of me
in the 

Tee Hee, thought that might shock you but as I look at it again, 
there is a man that seems to have muscled in on my picture!
But just look at all my pretty blues.

Anyway the complete long and the short of it, is that my energy levels are good but my throat chakra needs a bit of work
 but in every woman's dream,
My yoga teacher said that if I  wore a blue necklace that would help. 
Big Time!

So the next day I'm out braving the humidity,
 for a bit of jewellery shopping
and here is a picture of me wearing my new blue sapphire 
and lapis lazuli necklace!
Which I have strategically placed to cover up that erm man's bits...
I obviously wear it higher up.

Well that's my blue story for the week
I hope you have enjoyed!

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