Thursday, 29 May 2014

Bali yoga searching for inner peace!

I am a Yoga teachers worst nightmare...
Whilst I've booked the BALI holiday with a yoga retreat,
others have booked a YOGA retreat in Bali.

I'm drawn to yoga 
because I have a dodgy knee, and can no longer run,
Others are drawn to yoga 
after life has thrown them some very curved balls.

Whilst I'm a 
'Come on Inner Peace, I don't have all day' 
sort of yogic... 
others have bounced straight here from a week long pranayama and meditation journey to personal self discovery in Queensland.
And little old Wren? Well,
she has just wandered in, for the holiday!

At the end of the day none of this mattered.
Our yoga teachers were skilled in making the week the best for each of us 
I had a great time and a few giggles along the way...

One of our yoga studios at Ananada Cottages, Ubud
Whilst others turn up with professional yoga mats and all the gismos.
I arrive with an old aerobic mat chosen specially 
because it is light, and fits in my suitcase.

A good move, so I thought as my Melbourne mat is 
a 3.9kg Lululemon heavyweight beauty 
and without it, well 
let's just say I have more space and weight allowance for 
the important things of life ... like shopping!

However because it actually says "aerobics mat' on one side,
and I don't want to look like I'm stuck in a Jane Fonda 1980's time warp,
I turn my mat face down. 

I was pretty unaware what a catastrophe this would cause
as I have now turned my yoga mat into a yogic snowboard.
I can just about keep grounded in Happy Baby pose,
 or at a push in a Sun Salutation,
but any mention of adopting the Warrior poses
and I've taken off 
sliding across the floor, to join up with my rather surprised teacher 
like an un co-ordinated gazelle!

I feel like yelling out "Ta-ra" as I arrive 
but it may not impress my group,
even if I'm secretly rather proud of remaining upright on my mat... Ta-ra!!

Of course I'm the only one in the Group who has succumbed to Bali Belly.
Not that I'm competitive (much) 
but I'm also the only participant in the entire week,
who takes the given option for a restorative pose
... for a whole lesson.
Well at least I stay flat on my back in mountain pose, 
for most of the lesson, before I leave quickly... 
afraid I might disgrace myself.

There is absolutely no way to leave in a hurry from a yoga class quietly, 
as I run out scattering blocks, straps, 
my special lavender and lemongrass eye mask 
which seemed like a good idea on purchase, 
but now it's strong scent makes me want to vomit...
My room key, water and all the other paraphernalia needed to 
achieve a perfect relaxation...
I feel bad!

Luckily my Bali belly passes and I return to my old energy levels.
Keen to redeem myself
I vouch to turn myself into a model student
and to make a super human effort to be present in the moment.

I few days later we are invited to leave our mats and ground ourselves in the 
beauty of our Bali setting.
I'm up, keen.
Engrossed in the 'here and now' I set off
focussing on the ducks on the horizon.
I walk watching their every movement.
The ducks form a perfect line and waddle along the edge of the paddy field
They are white, one stops stretches and flaps it's wings,
The sun is setting and it's magical.
My hand rests on the frame of the building looking out.
Oh yeah, baby I have this yogic 'in the moment' under control...

I sneak a proud look back at my teacher, and to my horror
see the rest of the class has yet to leave their mats.
They are moving with such slow deliberate, precision
They won't be anywhere near half way to the edge of the room by Christmas
'Oh come on', I want to yell
'Get over here and enjoy the ducks!'

The moment is lost, I look down at the shoes
all neatly paired in the doorway
except mine...

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