Friday, 6 September 2013

The winner takes it all...

Orange You Glad It's Friday

The loser standing small... (Abba, 1980)

I am actually quite glad it's Friday, it seems to have been a busy week and of course we're gearing up for a massive weekend where it's all about who wins...

I think we'd better put the kettle on for this one... How about a nice cuppa of strong Australian Afternoon Tea - milk, sugar anyone?

Now of course we've got a General Election here in Australia and I'm voting as an Australian citizen for the first time. I last voted in 1992, in the British General Election (makes me feel old) and we've been on the road ever since. Now both myself and my girls must vote tomorrow, otherwise we will be fined.
It has been quite a run up to the election. Kevin Rudd was the Prime Minister, you may remember, but he was ousted by Julia Gillard who was later challenged by Kevin Rudd, who then replaced Julia Gillard (are you keeping up?)

So Kev (and we're allowed to be familiar with our politicians, they are cool with it) is the sitting PM and Leader of the Autralian Labor Party. However, if the polls are to be believed, he will be replaced by Tony Abbot. Who Kev, out of respect calls Mr Abbot, because although he's happy to be known as 'our Kev,' he wanted to put the Respect (with a capital R) back into the General Election...

...after doing the double dirty on Julia Gillard after she did the initial dirty on him...

The prediction is that Mr Abbot the current leader of the opposition and leader of the Liberal Party, will be Australia's new Prime Minister by the time we are tucking into our Weet-bix on Sunday morning. (Watch this space...)

Umm...Perhaps this is not remotely interesting to anyone outside Australia?
Shall we just carry on with the song, now where were we?

"I don't wanna talk
About the things we've gone through..." Hey Perfect!!

Now before we can even begin to think about who wins tomorrow, we need to get through winning tonight...
We are into the finals season of the Australian Rules Football, played with an oval ball, completely different to what I know as football. So I have been re-programmed to think of football as soccer, played with a round ball...

Our team Hawthorn, won the minor premiership by coming top of the league this season (Hooray!) Tonight they face a qualifying final against Sydney Swans for a spot in (ultimately) the Grand Final. These two teams were in the Grand Final last year with Sydney winning... But let's not go there...

Or to the US Open, what is going on both Federer and Murray are out and did you see our Lleyton put up a spirited fight this week? My money's on Nadal ( on a come back if not now, certainly by the Aussie Open in January) and Serena Williams.

Let me see how does this song end?

"The winner takes it all
            .....The winner takes it all..."

If anyone is cheering on teams this weekend and need an extra cheer from afar, let me know I'll give you a loud shout out from Down Under! Have a great weekend and may the best team win!:)

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