Monday, 9 September 2013

Happy New Blue Monday

If you have been keeping up with Australian politics we have changed our Government since last Monday and so if you are a fan of Mr Abbott, our new Prime Minister, it is indeed a very Happy Blue Monday.
What I was especially chuffed about was that there was plenty of blue to photograph this weekend - aside from our beautiful blue sky!
Now having never voted in an Australian election I did a little reconescence and took the crazy poodle to suss out what was what. Above is the local church with conveniently our local MP's Blue Car.
I tell you if you were ever feeling a little down, Election Day is the day to boost the spirits!
Not only is it incredibly social with half the neighborhood out on the streets, but when you get to the Polling Station you suddenly become Mrs Very Popular...
The blue Party even offer to hold the crazy mutt whilst I go into vote... Everyone is so friendly and I return home laden down with leaflets about all the various parties...
I went home to change, this is not the day to be seen out in your scruffs. I rather cleverly dress all in white - thereby showing no party political favouratism, and ensuring that I am equally as popular on my return with Daughter Number Two. Details of are fateful trip were blogged about earlier - you can find the whole sorry story here!
But on the way home, what should I see but two blue balloons caught in the tree, which I thought would be a perfect way to end and to wish everyone a Happy Blue Monday!
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Smiling Sally

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