Sunday, 30 October 2016

I'm leaving on a jet plane!

Oh my golly gosh there is so much going on around here.
I'm sorry I've not been around much except on my @LWWren Instagram.
 I hope you've got time for a cuppa and I'll fill you in!

Big news! 
We've had our first day of warm, sunny weather.
It is an absolutely glorious weekend for the first start of
 Melbourne Cup's Spring Racing Carnival.

Phew, it's rather a relief as we wondered whether we were going to be stuck in Winter forever. Melbourne is looking lovely. Never better in fact. All that rain has left our parks and gardens looking unusually lush and green. 
Oh Melbourne, you're making it tough to leave...

It's been fabulous to take in a lungful of that Aussie fresh air and
to ponder what's ahead.

Next big news: I've finished work! 

I have for the past few months been in a temporary role with Australia's largest provider of aid for people seeking asylum. I leave with very mixed feelings.
I've loved this job. I've worked with some incredible people and whilst I will continue as a volunteer for as long as I can, it is not something I was able to do longer term... Because, I'm excited here's

Even bigger news...
We're moving!

The 'For Sale' signs are up, and we're heading off
 in favour of a country known for it's tropical beaches and 
opulent Royal Palaces...

Now do you know where we're going?
Here's a clue...

It's going to be busy.

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