Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Our Lemon Tree

Our lemon trees are enjoying a spectacular season.
This has been the coldest, wettest Melbourne winter for decades 
and our lemons are loving it !

The good things about plenty of lemons
is that Mr Wren leaps into action to make lemon curd!

Grannie's lemon curd recipe is very popular
and has been handed down for the next generation to enjoy.

I have previously posted our Lemon Curd recipe
For further details, click here!

We even made it a prize at one of our recent 
Womens Premier League soccer matches.
It puts a whole new meaning to the golden boot award!
I offered a jar of lemon curd to be awarded to our player 
who scored the most goals.

It was first playing second in the League
Our opposition had the Australian Matilda's co-captain
just back from playing in the Women's FIFA World Cup.
We won, but it was close 1-0.

Mr Wren was not too impressed by my lemon curd incentive
and so we were all pleased when the prize was 
taken home by our Miss Canada, 
who is living with us at the moment!

But look carefully at our lemons below
Can you see we're not the only ones to be enjoying the lemons?

Yes the Possums are having a right feast in our backyard.
It appears they are mostly, but not always, leaving the fleshy parts for us.
They come in the depths of the night and have a right party at our place!

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