Saturday, 7 March 2015

Roadtrip Melbourne to Sydney...

'She drives me crazy...'

It's a flippin' long way to Sydney! 

871 km's to be precise.

It feels even longer when your eighteen year old son
is behind the wheel, learning to drive!

In Victoria, Australia all learner drivers under 21 years old must complete
120 hours accompanied driving before they can take their driving test.
Each State is different on all sorts of things, 
 driving rules and regulations are no different.

So whilst we in Melbourne
can whizz along at the frightening 120 kms per hour speed limit, 
the moment Fangio crosses the border into New South Wales 
he must reduce his speed to 90kms per hour.

(For more on Learning to Drive in Victoria, Australia
click here)

Thus making a long way, 
even longer, 
and perhaps, 
making it faster to go by snail?

Don't get me wrong,
I am fully supportive of the Learner driver program in Australia.
It appears to be one of the most rigorous in the world.
I'm all for road safety.

I was just questioning my judgement in saying 
'let's do a roadtrip to Sydney.'
I didn't really think that ten hours + could be that long...

It was an even more questionable decision, as when we left (in January)
there were 340 bushfires burning across the State
and we only had three days to get there and back.

This wildly impromptu decision came about
as Daughter Number two was trying to decide whether to accept an offer 
to do a Masters of International Business
at the University of Sydney.

And it wasn't that far out of Melbourne when the radio signal disappeared 
accompanied by some serious crackling,
and then nothing.

Except we did find Mr Wren's  CD collection in the glove box.
We had time to relive the 1980's and the 90's...
and we're soon singing along to the perfectly named
Fine Young Cannibals "S he drives me crazy."

Just us three,
and an ever increasing smattering of bugs on the windscreen.
Not any hope of a nice homeless man leaping out at an intersection 
with a bottle of diluted Fairy liquid and a window squeegee
(such is the life of city lux I lead.)

Just us, some amazing skywatch
and several hundred kilometres of bitumen ahead to Sydney.

We were very pleased when we eventually saw those signs for Sydney!

We are driving back when a voice pipes up from the back seat
'I'll think I'll accept the University of Melbourne offer'

Before and after a little PicMonkey for Mandarin Orange Monday
'Thank goodness for that' I reply
'The thought of doing this trip each semester, would 
'drive me crazy...'

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