Sunday, 1 March 2015

Melbourne's Summer Parks and Gardens

We've had our last glorious day of summer.
   As the nights draw into winter, 
we welcome our Aussie autumn!

Whilst we are all into the current ICC Cricket World Cup,
our sporting ovals, now full with kids playing cricket in the sunshine,
 will begin to make way for the season of muddy soccer players.

Anderson Park, Hawthorn East with Melbourne city view.
Despite the feeling, that we'd had a terrible summer,
our summer was spot on average.

The past few years have been above well average 
global warming heatwave summers.
We've come to expect many days above 40 degrees C
and all, except the drought tolerant gardens, suffer.

Royal Botanical Gardens Melbourne Feb 2015
This summer was a perfect Aussie summer for this Sweaty Betty Brit 
used to calling any day, that is not freezing cold, "lovely weather"
In February, we had several heavy downpours, 
the rain is always welcomed by our plants!

Here are some of my favourite photos from around the local parks and gardens
Starting with my own garden of course!
Last years post 
"Pottering around my (not so) marvellous Melbourne garden"
shows a dry and very different garden...
No not the Google screen saver, my very own water lily!
We renovated the pond 
and so the first waterlily was particularly special.
Here the crazy poodle left, was delighted 
to show off his big drinking bowl to a friend!

Crazy Poodle for Saturday's Critters
We are not normally so green and lush at the end of summer.
Our recycled water tanks are still full 
and our grey water recycling from the showers 
not as critical to garden survival this year...

On Friday I went with our Asylum Seekers women's group 
 to the Royal Botanical Gardens. 
It was a perfect day for our summers picnic.

Royal Botanical Gardens, Melbourne
Our Botanical Gardens have over 10,000 plants
our women are quick to spot lemongrass 
and other plants they like to cook with.

One of the lady's made me a cucumber banana!
Have you ever seen this before?
Neither had I!

I wondered whether this was the last time 
I would need my broad brimmed hat and sun screen until next summer?
We never go out in summer without sun protection.

The sun is losing is strength...
our brightly coloured flowers are fading...

Canterbury Gardens, Melbourne

So goodbye Summer, hello Autumn
looking forward to your balmy and mild days.

Photo altered for Mandarin Orange Monday using Picmonkey
I am sending our Summer with love 
to the other side of the world
they are looking forward to seeing you!

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