Friday, 12 December 2014

Schoolies, Toolies and Red Frogs!

Our Aussie Year 12 kids have finished their High School life 
and celebrate together on a Schoolies holiday.

They can do no more but wait for their results 
and their university place offers in January. 
They have the whole summer ahead of them.
They are determined to party hard... 

Thirteen years at school, and your choice of university
comes down to six subjects.
For my son who studied the 
International Baccalaureate this also included 
one extended essay of 3,000 words
one Theory of Knowledge paper.
200 hours of Community, Action & Service
and fourteen exams over a sixteen day period.

Melbourne University Open day 2014
Our son is currently in Bryon Bay in Queensland
He has rented a house, with a swimming pool with nine of his friends
at a hugely inflated price.

Schoolies, started on the Gold coast in the 1970's 
when the single-sex private schools 
headed off to Queensland for a final party.
When surveyed 93% of parents said they were concerned 
about schoolies, drugs and the mass drinking culture. 

Daughter No One went to Fiji
A massive tropical cyclone hit her island
Hotel management came round and boarded up all their windows
and they were told not to come out for three days
Indeed, they drank the mini bar dry 
but I swear I couldn’t have organised it better if I tried.
Yes, there is a God!

Daughter No Two went to Bryon Bay
but she was only seventeen.
Some of them who were underage tried to gain access to the bars 
but by Monday all the fake ID’s had been confiscated
and the under agers had a reasonably dry week.
I’m a believer in divine support here too
and a massive well done to the Institutions, Red Frogs 
and the police who work so hard to ensure everyone has a fun and 
legal Schoolies experience.

Our son is eighteen 
he heads off with two bottles of vodka in his suitcase.
C’mon Lord, I’m waiting to see how you help me out with this one?

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