Monday, 29 December 2014

My 2014 through my mosaics

2014 was supposed to be a quiet year!
A year in which we were mostly Australia based
whilst our youngest finished off school life...

In the end Little Wandering Wren
didn't do too badly keeping her frequent flyer points up
with trips to England, America, Hong Kong, Bali, Thailand, New Zealand.

Bangkok waterways July 2014
With two of the three kids now at university
their Third Culture Kid upbringing
was never going to keep them in the nest for too long.

We lived vicariously through their adventures in 2014 
in Africa, Europe and the United States of America...

Bristol, UK March 2014
I will remember 2014 for the people I met. 

Whether it was reconnecting with family in the UK or US,
 or catching up with friends in Hong Kong, Thailand and New Zealand,
or the courageous men and women 
from all over the world,
 asylum seekers now in Australia, 
who have enriched my life in so many ways 
who I meet through my volunteer work.

Bangkok July 2014
In 2014 we continued to open our home to visitors from overseas
Numbers were down as we tried to keep the house quiet for study
even so it was not unusual 
to find professional sportsman and women staying 
'Who's in for dinner' the cry goes up?!

Australian Open January 2014
Through Mum's Youth Hostel, as the kids call it 
we also welcomed eleven lovely Japanese students
to stay... 

When overseas travel was limited 
we enjoyed exploring our local area...
Whether it was the local walks

Or at the beach

Of course the Crazy Poodle and friends
have continued to give us endless pleasure

Looking forward to 2015
It is stacking up to be a big year on the travel front.
Especially as my DH bought me for Christmas 
 a one way ticket to Paris ...

Isn't that romantic ?!!!!

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