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Question: So what do you say 
when your lovely Japanese Home stay guests ask 
whether they can make some Japanese food for dinner?

Answer: Yes please, let me get you some chopsticks!

Here is the recipe for their dinner of choice:  

I love sushi, 
it is my favourite Japanese food, 
but I had never heard of chirashi-sushi.

There are many types of sushi, the most famous Japanese dish.
Chirashi-sushi is perhaps the most popular type of sushi 
served in Japanese homes.

I asked our Japanese home stay students to write out the recipe 
for us and here is what they wrote.
We are still learning English every night
This is all their own work, except I helped them with the words 'very quickly'!


I cook rice.
I open it to big dish.
Put on kit in rice.
Cool rice with uchiwa fan very quickly.
Serve with an egg, avocado, sesame and seaweed packet.

The first thing they asked for was the rice cooker.
Luckily having lived in Asia we had one of these. 
Phew didn't want to fail at the first request!

There were lots of things I found fascinating about this tasty dinner.
Firstly the use of chopsticks to beat the eggs
So why had I never thought of using chopsticks?
The omelette was better looking than any omelette I'd ever made,
and cut up it looked like golden chips.

The avocado got the same treatment chop, chop, chop!
These little black hass avos are like gold at the mo.
The price has sky rocketed due to the poor season in Western Australia 
We're paying up to $4.99 AUD ($4.45 USD) each 
which seems a shed load of money...
But totally worth it for this meal.

The uchiwa fan is a traditional Japanese fan. 
Kaho had brought two with her from Japan 
along with the packet of special Chirashi-sushi mix.
It was a lovely thought to think that this meal had been planned 
long before her arrival in Australia, 
along with the thoughtful Japanese souvenir gifts.
I wondered how nervous our students would have been about staying 
with an Aussie family for a whole month?!

The steaming rice was tumbled out of the rice cooker into a dish.
The type of dish, a long reasonably flat one, seemed important...
We had every dish I owned out on the workbench, 
before an old pyrex dish was selected as the best!
Oh no! Not the old pyrex, but then it became apparent
With much flapping and waving of the fans, the mixture was added
and the rice cooled as quickly as possible.
A shallow dish allows the rice to cool quickly.

Chirashi Sushi means “scattered sushi”. 

Each region in Japan serves a slightly different version of 

Chirashi Sushi with different ingredients and toppings.
Ours was served with avocado and egg
It was delicious, we loved it!

Thank you so much to Kaho and Yuki for sharing this wonderful dinner!

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