Sunday, 4 August 2013

Melbourne Art for all to enjoy...

Melbourne's vibrant art scene is alive, well and very much out there. Tram Art last seen trundling through our streets some twenty years ago, is being revived in time for the 2013 Melbourne Festival in October. Eight iconic Melbourne trams will become moving works of art painted by some of Victoria's most talented and emerging artists, taking art to the people.
Yes, it's all go here! There is always something interesting to look out for in Melbourne...Last year we had Elephant Art on our streets featuring trams. Perhaps this year, we will have Tram Art featuring elephants?! I can't wait to see...
Melbourne Elephant Art 2012
Today is the last day of the Twenty Melbourne Painters' Society 95th annual exhibition. This event showcases the works of twenty of Melbourne's most illustrious representational artists. Each artist displays nine paintings, including one smaller work for the display entitled Melbourne and surrounds...
Cover painting Baristas by Joseph Zbukvic
I was lucky to join an Artist friend for Opening Night where hundreds crowded in to get the first glance and possibly first opportunity to purchase from these highly collectable and skilled local artists...
The evening was opened by Peter Hitchiner, a well known news Television Presenter from Nine Network who reminded those present of the history of the group. A tradition of excellence that began with Artist rebellion...
TMPS exhibition 2013
The TMPS dates back to 1918 after the popular, but controversial artist, Max Meldrum failed to gain election as President of the Victorian Artists Society. So incensed were his supporters that they formed a breakaway group called the Twenty Melbourne Painters Society, still going strong to this day.
TMPS exhibition - Opening Night 2013
The gallery at Glen Eira City Council held over 150 paintings for the exhibition, all for sale, ranging in price from $480 to $9,500. Oh, to have the wall space and money to start your own collection... One painting from each of the Melbourne Twenty Painters would be nice!
TMPS - Melbourne and surrounds
We are lucky enough to already own a painting by one of the Melbourner Twenty Joseph Zbukvic. In each country we live in, we ask a local artist to paint us a picture as a memory of our times there. When we originally left Melbourne in 2003, we approached Joseph to paint our Melbourne picture which is of the Melbourne city skyline as a backdrop to Flemington racecourse...It is one of my favourite paintings.
We had no idea Joseph was a member of the eminent Twenty Melbourne Painters Society, and that ten years later I would be standing in front of his wall of work, continuing to admire his paintings.
If French Impressionism is your thing, then you are in for a treat at Monet's Garden exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria. I have had a visit to Monet's garden in Givency in Northern France, on my bucket list for quite a while now. If like me a trip to France seems a very long way off, then do the next best thing as the NGV have brought this leading figure of impressionist art to us. This exhibition is a rare, once in a lifetime opportunity for Australians to see these masterpieces in their own back garden.
Monet photo: The NGV, Australia
All our visitors in town at the moment are hardly getting their bags in through the door, before rushing off to view. Well done and thank you to all those at the NGV who have worked so hard to make this possible. Congratulations on it's success. The exhibition is open until 8 September 2013.
Gorilla, Bristol, UK 2012
What is going on Art-wise where you live? We love some of the funky art that is appearing on our streets throughout the world, here are a couple from the UK...
Wallace & Grommit, Bristol 2013
Wallace & Grommit, Bristol 2013
Do let me know what is happening art-wise where you live! Looking forward to hearing from you!

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