Monday, 26 August 2013

Happy Blue Melbourne Monday

Smiling Sally

A happy Blue (Melbourne) Monday to everyone...

Happy Blue skies on Monday
It's a beautiful (Spring is just around the corner) day here in Melbourne, 19 degrees Celsius with a bright blue sky. Having lived through many grey days in Brussels and many hazy, polluted days in Hong Kong, I don't think I will ever tire of the light Down Under. Everything looks better against a backdrop of blue skies, don't you think?

Little Wandering Wren loves travel
If you have just landed on my blog, you will find I love to travel. We have spent the last twenty years enjoying life as an expat in Europe, Australia and Asia. For now we are enjoying being in Australia as locals, I have my Aussie citizenship to prove it!
An Aussie life of course involves the beach! Here is one of my favourite blue beach photos from our recent trip to Queensland..

Little Wandering Wren in Queensland
Last year I travelled for 100 days. My blog was started to share my trip with family and friends. With the need to travel light, I took my only an IPad and my IPhone. Blogging on an Ipad was a steep learning curve for me as these earlier blogs show... In fact I hesitate to direct you back to those olden days, but in the spirit of sharing, here goes!

One of the best things about the IPad was the instant ability to share photos on the big screen. I was often stopped by children asking to have their photos taken, such as the day I visited the Sanji Corn village in the foothills of the Himalayas in India.

Another day I was showing our driver a photo I had taken of his Mother which I was proud of. This lady below insisted that I took her photo, and then show it to her! The IPad became a great ice breaker.

Indian Lady in Blue
My blog is about the things I see and enjoy whilst out and about often with the scruffy poodle. whether on our travels or family life with three teenagers back in Melbourne. In the past few weeks, we have covered sports (the whole family is big into soccer and Melbourne is still on a high from Liverpool FC's visit), Melbourne Art, I even had a go at recipes which is way, way outside my comfort zone. In fact to be honest if you are looking for great ideas on the culinary front hmmm maybe keep looking! But I cover whatever, whenever takes my fancy and a whole lot more...

A sports mad family
One thing we are not blue about is our tiny share in a racehorse who has been doing rather well recently. She runs in the Blue colours of Michael Kent and was second in her first race as a three year old on Saturday - whoo hoo!!! Another blog in progress on this one :)

Little Miss Hussy our favourite horse!
Thank you for stopping by. I look forward to visiting you at your blog soon and to sharing other blue things in weeks to come.

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