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Amazing Thailand holidays!

Sawasdee ka from Bangkok.

How are you doing?

All is good here in Thailand. 
We have just had an amazing run of holidays. 
No, not just me, silly but the whole Country. 

We always have something to celebrate here living in the Land of Smiles!

Did you see the Global Economic Forum has suggested we should implement a four-day working week? 
They say it will help save the planet and people will be happier?
Well, Thailand has got this nailed.
In the last two months we have had all these holidays:

6 AprSatChakri Day
8 AprMonChakri Day Holiday
13 Apr to 16 AprSat to TueSongkran Festival
1 MayWedLabour Day *
6 MayMonCoronation of King Vajiralongkorn
9 MayThuRoyal Ploughing Ceremony *
18 MaySatVisakha Bucha Day
20 MayMonVisakha Bucha Holiday
3 JunMonHer Majesty the Queen’s Birthday

We're living the dream here with bountiful holidays.
Anyone else wants to move to Thailand?!
What do you think of the four-day working week?

What is interesting about our latest holiday is that it was granted less than a month ago to celebrate our new Thai Queen's birthday.

Queen Suthida became Queen of Thailand on May 6th
having married King Vajiralongkorn a few days before the coronation.
I love the way we get a new holiday for Her Majesty's birthday.

 Talking of birthdays, it's Queen's birthday weekend in Australia and New Zealand this weekend. I've actually had British relatives get all confused and ask which Queen. Fair do really. 

You see it's Queen's birthday weekend for Queen Elizabeth II, in ANZ but not in the United Kingdom.

It not even her birthday! The actual date was 21st April (1926) but different Commonwealth countries celebrate on various dates to fit with their spread of public holidays. I like Thailand's keeping it real approach more!

However, I would say HRH Queen Elizabeth might need a holiday after Mr Trump's visit. I think I might start a campaign! 

Or maybe not, I'm going to be quite busy!

Does anyone remember Woodstock '69? Can you believe it is the 50th Anniversary this summer? I relive our earlier trip to the original Woodstock site as I finish my earlier Blogging from A-Z challenge. It was thinking about Woodstock because:

'Somehow your little Wren went to watch the movie Bohemian Rhapsody, got in touch with her inner Rock Chickand has now been recruited to volunteer at Britain’s most famous pop festival Glastonbury'. 
Just me, Kylie and over 200,000 other festival goers!'
C’mon let’s rock on!
Read more at: Wandering Woodstock: 

Finally, before you go, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is running a competition for Thai Bloggers. My entry along with other 'off the beaten track' Thailand posts can be found here:

Won't you join me as we get off the beaten track and visit a Mon village temple on the River Kwai?

I would love it if my Blogging friends would support me with a vote.
Here's how you do it. The only problem is that it's not that easy to vote!

Here's how:
Click here: TAT Secondary Competition

At Little Wandering Wren's post, click on grey love heart to vote without opening the post 
(The love heart vote inside the post is not active!)
You will need either a Facebook or Google account which once entered with allow you to click again on the grey love heart, which changes colour once you have voted.

I am also collecting feedback for TAT so any comments on the ease, or otherwise, 
of this process so all comments are gratefully received!

I hope you enjoy reading about our off the beaten track weekend on the River Kwai!

Linking with thanks to Beverly at Pink Saturday
Fiona and the Our World Tuesday hosts


Janice said…
Lots of holidays! In retirement most days are holidays. Rock on, girlfriend!
Cynthia said…
What a marvelous country to have so many holidays plus all that wonderful colorfulness (is that a word?). You rock on, too, Mrs. Wren. I won’t be moving to Thailand any time soon to join you, though. South Carolina is about as hot and humid as i can stand.
Jeanie said…
Wow! Look at all that color! It looks like such fun and so beautiful! Love each and every photo!
Gattina said…
Thailand has never attracted me, not even for a holiday ! The same with other asiatic countries. I don't know why ! My son has been to all of them !
Wow. Packing my suitcases already. I bet everything still gets done, even with all this time off.
Margaret D said…
Gosh, many holidays wow.
Can't imagine a 4 days working week but then again if workers didn't or don't lose any pay might be ok.
The new Queen looks nice in the photo.
Queen Elizabeth, holiday for us this Monday...won't make any difference to me, but then it could as 3 of the grandchildren could stay an extra day.
Lady Fi said…
Nice shots! We get a lot of extra holidays here in Sweden too.
eileeninmd said…

Lovely images. I love the first flower photo. I would love to visit Thailand, looks fun. Since I retired, every day is a holiday! Wishing you a happy day and a great new week!
carol l mckenna said…
wow! What a place and what a festive time you are having ~ beautiful photos ~ you are,
indeed 'living the dream.'

Happy Day to you,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)
wow that's a lot of holidays! I must admit I haven't visited Thailand, but it seems like a fascinating country to visit. Unfortunately I wasn't old enough for Woodstock! But I was nuturing my inner hippy. Have a great week and thank you for visiting my blog this week.
Al said…
That sounds like a great run of holidays, and great reasons for them. I'd love to visit Thailand one day.
Su-sieee! Mac said…
Be sure to wear flowers in your hair, Hippie Chick. :-)
I'm all for the four-day work week - might help people deal better with their stress. Lovely to have so many holidays and reasons to celebrate. Today was a massive celebration in Toronto to mark the Raptor's basketball team winning the championship for the first time in their history. At least a couple of million people lined the parade route, but of course the day had to be marred with some moron(s) deciding they should shoot people. Some people just can't leave their differences at home.
Tom said…
...what a colorful, exotic trip. My son was in Thailand years ago.
Gattina said…
Wow ! that's a lot of official holidays ! Since I am retired I don't like holidays because everything is closed in Belgium ! I have never been to Thailand and it's strange I am not attracted at all by asiatic countries. This year I will make a tour around Eastern countries, Poland, Hungaria and ex Yougoslavia, 8 countries in 11 days, but very well organized.
Lovely photographs - so colourful.

All the best Jan
Buttercup said…
I don't think I would have liked a four day work week in my working time. I'm sure those would have been long days. Now I'm not sure I could go back to work even one day a week. Loving this long vacation!

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