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Bonjour from Paris!

Hello everyone, I'm glad I've caught you.
 How is your week going?

We're doing fine, I'm having a lovely time in Paris in the Spring.

I have just finished a pilates class in French! Woo hoo for still being able to find my toes and vaguely keeping up. I managed to carry it off until the end of the class when I thanked the instructor and she said in a loud voice:

'Argh, Vous êtes Anglais?'

At which point I firmly replied in my very best français:

'Non, Je Suis Australienne'

I mean who the bloody 'ell would admit to being English at the moment? Pardon my French!

This all takes me back to my days living in Belgium when I lived my daily life muddling through, only getting half of was said. 

Nothing has changed. I am here pouring over the French newspapers, it is slightly more fun enjoying the Brexit news in French. However in English or French, it is a sad state of affairs. 

And no, to all my friends back in far off lands, who all ask... I have no idea what is happening in Parliament, either the British nor French Parliaments, but thanks for still considering me an authority on the matter :)

Hey ho ... Insert French cat for a random change of direction!

On a happier note, I bought a beret made to support Parkies Pals. The fundraising is to raise awareness of Parkinson's and raise funds for Parkinson's UK

You have to have a beret in France, don't you? I'm clearly not the best model for it, I was wearing it at more of a jaunty angle, but wanted you to see how beautifully it is made.

I have really enjoyed wandering around Paris, there is something interesting on every corner, how about some exotic bird street art?

My April Blogging from A-Z Challenge Wren's Worldwide Wanderings has firmly kicked off on Little Wandering Wren Travels. It makes me smile that A for Australia, B for Belgium and C for China, all countries I have lived in. Come on over if you would like to support me in my quest to blog each day in April!

A is for Australia:  We started at the beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, just outside Melbourne. Where I am firmly talking to the trees and taking in the beautiful gardens.

Coming next B is for Belgium. Those were fun years!

Ok, gotta dash got some blogs to write. À bientôtBisous!


Jeanie said…
So glad you are in Paris -- the weather looks great too. Nothing like Paris in glorious weather. Even the rain isn't bad but much more fun without it! I'm on pins and needles about Brexit too. I am sure I understand it less than you all and I'm not sure anyone does much.

Safe travel! Enjoy the Lumiere!
Cynthia said…
I just never know where you will turn up! Or what hat you will be wearing! Ive never even imagined a yoga class in French. Vous êtes tellement courageux. Springtime in Paris ... I’m sure the real thing is even better than the movie. Amusez-vous bien! (Feel free to correct my French ....).
Sami said…
Enjoy your Paris holiday. Love the various murals :)
I agree no one would want to be associated with the dreadful Brexit right now!
Paris looks great, so nice to see your photographs.
Safe travels.

All the best Jan
I'm glad I live in Canada and don't have to deal with the daily news from Brexit and south of our border. Seems like we're surrounded by strife! I love the French cat btw - very talented artist to do that on a wall.
Tanza Erlambang said…
beautiful photos of Paris.
have a great day
Gattina said…
Enjoy Paris, it's not my favourite town ! Mr. G. has his hip broken and is in Hospital ! The Brexit is a shame and the UK became the laughter of whole Europe, so sad ! In parliament they behave better than clowns in a circus I tell you I watched it once !
Buttercup said…
Enjoying my visit to Paris with you! Tonight's post takes us to Bondi Beach. It's time for a flat white.
Nancy Chan said…
A wonderful collection of beautiful photos from your stay in Paris. Very nice bird street art and I love the garden photo with the yellow flowers.
Lovely photos and stories I enjoy hearing. I have always heard Paris is lovely in the Springtime.
It is always my pleasure to visit you here. Enjoy your next travel adventure!
Loving your choices on A to Z !
Linda said…
I enjoyed this post. Paris is a great city. Just hold on to your valuables and enjoy life.
Great photos!! Looks like you are having a wonderful time!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!
Jenn Jilks said…
I love French. My grandkids are fluent and the youngest corrects my pronunciation!!!!
Sharon Wagner said…
I saw a lady wearing a beret this weekend, in Minnesota, and thought how cute it looked. I definitely need one. Thanks for visiting!
PerthDailyPhoto said…
Paris in April is fabulous 💙

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