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Happy New Year of the Earth Pig

Hello everyone and Happy New Year to you all!  

Surely I am not too late to wish you a Happy New Year?
We are yet to have our Thai New Year celebrations!

I love my life where I get to enjoy an endless round of New Year celebrations in different countries. We started with the Aussie New Years Eve on December 31st 2018, and we've enjoyed the Chinese New Year February 4 - 9 and we're next looking forward to the Songkran festivities for our Thai New Year April 13-16.

Hopefully, by April, I will have my New Years resolutions all sorted out and it gives me time to adjust any that may not seem appropriate. Haha!

January whizzed by for us a wonderful blur of blue skies, sunshine and the Australian Open tennis.

If you are a tennis fan, did you know that all of the Grand Slams and many of the major tournaments run a qualifying tournament?

At the Australian Open the tournament is free for the public, held at Melbourne Park, the home of the Grand Slam and a wonderful opportunity to have a sneak peek at the site before the crowds.

Come have a little wander with me!

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Of course, it's sod's law, once the main event starts it
is played out in extreme heat conditions.

Whilst Melbourne Park is as well prepared as any tennis venue I've seen for fans, there are lots you can do (where ever you are watching tennis in a hot climate) to prepare for this.

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January is my favourite time of year in Melbourne, the city has a relaxed vibe and there is much to see and do if you are not at the tennis, nor the cricket, or haven't headed off to the beach for your summer hols.

Boxing Day Test Match Australia V India Jan 2019

Like would you like to come with me to the wonderful Sidney Myer Music Bowl to watch English indie rock band Florence + the Machine?

You didn't think I was a Rock Chick, did you? Ermmm neither did I, so watch this space as the count down is on to my Glasto '19 days.

We had a great time despite the best seats in the house...

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Now back in Thailand enjoying the Chinese or Lunar New Year. It's been a fun week of celebrations. Red lanterns adorn buildings and it seems like on every corner you'll find the beating of drums, firecrackers and a Chinese Lion Dance.

From Bangkok's Chinese New Year celebrations in 2018
Thailand has a large and influential Chinese community and Chinese tourism is important here. There are a surprising amount of Thai people who celebrate Chinese New Year and Mr Wren came home carrying gifts of oranges from work colleagues in beautiful red and gold bags. Last Tuesday although not an official Thai holiday, his Company have given their employees a day off. Happy Days.

I only popped in to get some milk at our local supermarket and well who can resist the opportunity when invited to dress the part!

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Thank you for your visit today. You will have noticed that these above posts are at my new blog I set this up in Wordpress to redress the problem of readers not wanting a Google+ account and therefore being unable to comment. It is somewhat ironic therefore that with Google+ being disbanded I believe the comments will revert to a blogger comment here. 

We'll see for the moment I am keeping both going and hope to see you at one or other in the future!

May I wish you a Happy Year of the Earth Pig.


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