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The Last Rose Of Summer

I spotted this poppet of a pink rose against the crumbling English church wall this week. It reminded me of the song 'The Last Rose of Summer':

'Tis the last rose of summer left blooming alone.
All her lovely companions are faded and gone.'
Thomas Moore

Quite how this melancholy song slipped into our normally upbeat, 
think 'My old man said follow the van', family singalongs, I don't know. 
But since then, I've always looked for my last rose of summer!

The last rose of Summer got me thinking how Winter has well and truly appeared in the United Kingdom. She slipped in unannounced after an endless summer. On the back of the gritter lorries, with witty names like Grittie McVittie, Brad Grit, or Spready Mercurybusy throwing salt to stop roads freezing over. 

Wren's thought for the day: There is a stoic cheerfulness here despite a gloomy outlook in more ways than one... Brexit remains a monumental looming moment in British history but it’s anyone’s guess how this will pan out. Hopefully not like a lone rose against a crumbling ancient wall...

Berrydelight: One thing that is doing well here is the berries. It's a bumper crop for sure. The little birds are having a field day. I am hearing that is the same the world over?  

In the past few weeks, I've had Fall in New England, Spring in Australia and now Winter in the UK.  Of course, after my Sweaty Betty life in Bangkok, I have an air of excitement at wearing jeans and jumpers, seeing roaring fires and indeed enjoying all the festive winter Christmas decorations. 

I mean really, it is very silly to put a snowman on the Christmas tree in Australia ... although I do, it makes me smile! Old habits die hard. 

This could be a new habit, what do you think of the peacock door wreath? There appear to be a few peacocks who may be a little chilly this December. You can read more about it here.

Catching up with friends far and wide: It's a lovely time of year in the UK, everyone says 'Oh you must come round for a cuppa". For those that I don't get to see I'm having fun writing the Christmas cards, it feels like there is quite a bit of news to catch up on this year. 

How about with you, do you still write Christmas cards? Or have you gone the more environmentally friendly e-card, or perhaps even no card?

Wren's Christmas holiday savings tip: is to fly to each of the destinations that you are posting letters to, it saves heaps of postage hahaha I joke but looking at my travel schedule ahead, I'm practically doing this!

Christmas Countdown: I am so enjoying my time in the UK and before I know it I will be back with the Crazy Poodle and friends for an Aussie Christmas! Oh yes, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Woo hoo.

The reason we were at Church was to leave Mum's advent candle wreath. This symbol of Advent has four candles which stand in a circle, each one represents one of the four Sundays of Advent. 
The middle Christ candle is traditionally lit on Christmas Day.
So let the countdown begin!

How are you doing, are you all sorted or hiding under a rock?
I mean if you need more time, just tell us 
and we'll just hold off lighting the candles!

Joining the fun at Friendship Friday and at Pink Saturday - Thanks Beverly!


Thanks so much for stopping by!! I laughed when I read your comment about almost had to take a bus to get to the end of the comments!! It seemed that the post really struck a chord with Bloggers. Thanks again for adding how you feel about Blogging!!
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Tanza Erlambang said…
cute dogs with Santa...
Have a wonderful day

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